Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Don't you hate it when you're meeting people for the first time and you trip up the stairs on your way to finally meet too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's called Courtesy people

Pet Peeve. Situation: You're driving and the car next to you is trying to merge, blinker and all. Then out of the courtesy of your heart you decide to slow down to let the other car over into your lane. In the process of them merging you kind both have this understanding of the gratitude the other has done for the other. Such as slight wave in the rear-view mirror. Anything? Well it bugs me so badly. This morning I did this such action, being a good person and letting a car merge in front of me. I gave them the "You're welcome," wave and got NOTHING in return. Thus leaving me awkwardly in my car, like waving to someone in the hallway in high school when they were really waving to the person behind you. It's somewhat embarrassing sometimes. All I'm asking for is a that so much to ask for?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Word on the Wasatch front

Well these last few days there has been a hot topic gathering around the Tommy Pastrami tables in Costa Mesa. What's it all about? While on one of my trips to Utah I found out from some friends that there has been this event that has been spreading all over the Wasatch front. All the Utah kids are doing it. It's called Floating. And if you ask's ridic! It's Utah's way of having the deed....but them saying they're not doing the deed. If you need details just ask, I'll love to insight you on the craziness. Let's just's insane! As I was explaining to my Cali friends they all agreed on how outrageous this matter is I couldn't believe what I heard. Hey kiddos, it's still the deed! Are you kidding me?!?! I guess I'll be talking to my younger brothers about that.....bad news bears.

Ps. Does anyone want to float with me? Ha ha ha ha okay I'm done.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So here's the Lo Down....

So here I man, today I officially decided that I wanted to blog. I am a blogger. Why? I'm not sure either but I'm thinking it's because I wanted something occupy my time, or blame it on the movie Julie and Julia. No, I will not be preparing and documenting all the meals I will be making in the next year, but maybe I would share some other enlightening things that take place throughout my life. I must admit, I'd have to say that my life could pretty much be explained through a series of awkward and embarrassing moments. Let's start fresh with a new one that occurred at school today.
Today at school (The Art Institute of Awesomeness/Advertising) myself and Julia found ourselves in quite an awkward situation. While deep in private conversation in the hallway, strolling by just happened to be two young ladies like ourselves. I couldn't see much, but from my peripheral vision I saw two heads meet each other followed with a loud SMACK vibrating off the walls of the building! Ignoring what my initial thought was I continued on with my conversation. After the other two split, Julia interrupts and asks, " Lauren, did those two girls just kiss?" And all I could respond with was, "Yes Julia, yes they did." There was no way that a normal peck on the cheek could make a sound that echoed through the hallway. Grant, most of the time when people kiss each other on the cheek they actually don't even touch their lips to the other's face. It's like your cheeks kiss not your actual lips. So there had to be more than just the cheek peck going on there. Awkward...