Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Credit Card Swipe

Well, my moment wasn't as cute as these little boys, or boy and girl, not sure....especially since I'm a full grown lady and the other a full grown Asian male. That's right, I was awkwardly and accidentally credit carded by my dear friend John Nguyen last night. As a bunch of us were getting off the work tram at the Disneyland Resort, in order to get off you kind of have to duck a little so you won't hit your head. This requires you to bend over a bit, with your rear in the air, right? As I was about to get off, John followed behind me, in mid-sentence John got very into his story and rapidly moved his hand upwards. (John is a very animated person) So while throwing his hands up in the air, on hand just happened to find itself grazing my butt...right in the crack. Good thing I HAVEN'T been working out. Let's say awkward, but embarrassing more on John's part. Awkward silence and a "UHh UHH Lauren, Uh sorry, I didn't mean too," came from John and I followed it with, "OH MY GOSH JOHN NGUYEN just credit carded my butt!" Let's not forget a few months ago, in the kitchen at work where John's hand "accidentally ran into" my boob! I see a pattern John Nguyen, I think I'm catching onto you!

Na John we're cool, just two awkward people creating more extremely awkward and uncomfortable moments for each other. But at least with John we both know how to laugh things off.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slipping Siera

Since this blog is to demonstrate embarrassing and awkward moments, this time instead of mentioning my own I decided to mention THIS girl, my dear friend Siera's embarrassing moment because I am quite embarrassed for her. So we both attend the Art Institute of Awesomeness for Advertising, and the stairs in our main building are very intimidating. They are dark black steps of sharp death. Seriously, they are hard, black and shiny, just waiting for a disaster to happen. I pray everytime I go up or down them in hopes to not fall to my death. So far so good, but in Siera's case, yesterday was her great downfall....on the dark black steps of death. On her way to the almost completed task of making it down the stairs safely, the last step was the climax of this story. She did not succeed getting down safely. Instead in her words "There happened to be a trap door that fell beneath her" and down went Siera, with a great audience staring at her. Unfortunately, her fall did result in a swollen ankle and pimp limp for the rest of the day. But at least we can all laugh about it now.....good job Siera, you are now part of my embarrassing blog've made it guuurrl! OH and I know this doesn't look like her and the stairs would be a much greater, but you can only imagine.