Thursday, December 30, 2010

Many Thanks

Well this year is over. 
Is it just me or has this year gone by so ridiculously fast? Well it has in my book. A lot of ups and downs, but I'd have to say that the holiday season was definitely a good one. Although it was fantastic I will say that it is getting harder and harder to leave Utah and go back to California. 
As the end of the year comes I look back and I would just like to go over the things I'm thankful for.

(1) My parents
Thank you for being the most supportive parents known to man, whatever I choose to do at any point in my life so far you have done nothing but said go for it.

(2) The mister man of mine
Thank you for being so patient with me and my undecisiveness all the time and with everything else that goes in to keep us going. And you always know how to make me a happy lady.
(ps. you're my favorite.)

 (3) Mother nature
Thank you for bring me my one true Christmas wish for the season by my first night in town bringing me 2 feet of snow!

(4) Sheila May
Thank you for letting me dress you up in everything and you still love me anyways. And thank you also for being my cuddle buddy in the basement at night. Who needs a pillow pet right?!?!

(5) New bike
Thank you for arriving on my doorstep for Christmas, Finally! But I'm sorry we've only had the time to take one spin around the block because the curse of rain has taken over California.
(6) Little fatties
Thank you for cracking me up and eating all the cookies before I finish baking the rest of them. And for eating my leftovers.

 (7) Eyebrow waxing lady
Thank you for waxing off my eyebrow, that a week later has still yet to show any sign of growing back. It's been a blast.
(My finger is where my eyebrow is supposed to end.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eyebrow Fiasco of 2010

Today hated me. I decided this now. Today just went all wrong.

You know when you think of something so horrible that you hope to never know or come across what that feels like. Well, it happened to me today.

It was supposed to be a pleasant experience. I haven't had the chance to pamper myself and I wanted to treat myself before I went home for the holidays and rewarding myself after finals with a mani-pedi and to fix my ungroomed eyebrows. And I have been to this place before. I've had the same lady every time do my eyebrows every time I go in there because I know what a good job she does. But girl was super busy. 
(This is when I should have told myself to wait for her)

So another lady was the one who got to perform the eyebrow grooming. I think I told myself that ya know, most of the time the girls are good at it, I mean they probably do them all the time. That's what they do. (This is when I should have double checked my doubt and still waited for my girl)

The first couple strips seemed okay. And then there was THAT face she made after THAT strip.
You know that face that people make.....the OOPS face.
This chick....was not so good at hiding THAT face.

After all was said and done she hands me the hand mirror to check out her awesome job. 
And there it was, right above my left eye. Half of my whole eyebrow was missing. Not in like an on purpose way like some gang members do, but more of like a nightmare comes true sort of way.

It was gone. Let's just say the whack job tried cover up her mistake thinking I wouldn't notice her attempt to use an eye pencil to fill in the blanks.

If only at that moment she could fill in the blanks that were going through my head.

Oh my gosh. NO NO  NO NO NO NO (don't cry, don't freak out. don't cry. don't freak out)

Devastated Me: Is that eyebrow pencil?

Wax Happy: Yea yea, just filled it in.

(Wiped off pencil completely to reveal the damage, holding back whether I should cry or go loco on this girl.)

Devasted Me: Is there hair even there?

Wax Happy: Yea yea, just short. Just short.

Devastated Me: I don't have hair there. Half my eyebrow is gone.

Wax Happy: So sorry, it'll grow back.

You know what won't grow back lady? My dignity. Spent the whole night people at work calling me "Chola," or saying comments like, "Hey Lauren, have you ever thought about taking up Latin dancing?" due to my nicely "filled" in half of an eyebrow.

And that's why today hated me. Well Today, I hated you too.

* It's actually kind of funny now, even when I still only have half an eyebrow left. But thank goodness that eyebrows grow back fast. So I'll have to become a master of the eyebrow pencil for about a week.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm obsessed with making lists

I am obsessed with making lists.
It's quite OCD actually.
But I do it anyways. Let's take a look at my list for today and how much I accomplished.


 Wake up
Go running
Do homework before class
Go to class
Buy cookie ingredients in between finals
Make cookie dough before night class
Study for test
Take test
Bake cookie dough
Take hair picture

Woke up
Didn't go running because my bed was far too comfortable and I layed there for an hour instead
Got the homework done
Went to class....on time
Caught in traffic at 1:30 in the afternoon on my way home
Bought the ingredients
Got home and realized I bought the wrong ingredient, had to go back to store.
Finished the cookie dough before class...barely
Since I barely had time I didn't get to study
Got stuck in traffic on my way back to school
Bombed my test
Got stuck in traffic on my way home
Baked SO many cookies
Ate a cookie
And now for my hair picture, which by the way my hair apparently doesn't grow past this point.

Although my actual list may seem like a bummer of a day, surprisingly I didn't care. I was in such a good mood to finish school that the traffic and the little things didn't bother me. Even though my list had to be adjusted I am quite proud of myself. NOW onto making a list of things to pack for my Utah trip! Yay! I can't wait to be home!


There would NEVER be traffic I believe if everyone knew how to merge the right way on the freeway.

*Side note: Did you know that Los Angeles is one of the top 10 worst cities to live in the United States because they rate one of the highest for pollution and pretty much the worst traffic in the world. It's true. I read it. In a book. 
(Doesn't that sound appealing?)


Thursday, December 9, 2010


I walked myself into the ladies room at school today and when I walk in some chick is on her phone 2 stalls down from me. Talking loud and clear for all to hear. 

Bathroom Crazy(talking to recipient on the other end):
Is there anyone else that can do that, cause I'm at school right now.

Is there anyone else do that because you're ACTUALLY in the bathroom right now?

gross people. I think it's okay to step away from the phone for 2 minutes to relieve myself. jeez.

Friday, December 3, 2010


After bussing a table at work, looked down at my hands covered in disgusting, half-eaten white cake frosting; I told myself...

This is why I am going to college.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crossing my mind.

I love my parents because they got me a beach cruiser bike for a Christmas gift, and I've been wanting one for the last 5 years that I've lived in California.  And it arrived yesterday. (Pictures soon.)

I have an incurable sweet tooth. Not a day has gone by where I haven't thought or had a day dream about consuming some delicious pastry, cookie, pie, or cake.

Do slow people on the freeway know that there's a "lane" made just for them, but somehow they still refuse to use it.

I sing extremely loud in the car when I'm by myself. Serenaded myself home tonight, in fact.

I'm considering running a half marathon in February, let the training begin.

Some guy told me that there was something "unique looking" about me and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?

I had a dream that Disneyland gave me the days off that I asked for and even in my dream I was surprised. And if it comes true, I will highly consider offering my psychic talents over the phone soon.

I don't let Disneyland dictate my holidays anymore, so calling in sick for Thanksgiving was my way of showing the mouse who's really the boss and what's to come for Christmas!

My hair needs to grow faster.

My friend Will from school is hilarious as says the best comments like, "All the young girls won't leave me alone and I'm like 'Gosh no I haven't freakin' seen Twilight. Okay?'" and "Yeah I tell people I'm 50 so they compliment me on how good I look for my age."

I want to ride my bike.

Finals have made me crazy.

I decided to screw Taylor Swift, and this is MY DECEMBER. (sorry Taylor, I still like your music.)

I saw my teacher in the hallway talking to some kids, said Hi and passed, after wards she turns to them and says, "And she's also talented!" (uh?)

AND Siera took this cute picture of me.


I rewarded myself for my unproductive day at school, but staying anyways like a good girl by feeding my face with a cookie. Reward for taming my ADD for all 8 hours of school.

P.S. Don't you love it when you remember that you put Reese's candy in your purse before you left the house this morning? So double reward for being awesome tonight!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I like to sing.

Well I have recently discovered that I like to sing. But the thing is I don't sing very well, and I am very aware of this. I have noticed lately that I tend to sing, well everything. I sing my little tasks as I go my merry way. For example at work, if several guest ask for several specific things, then so I don't forget I tend to sing my list on my way to the kitchen. It actually comes in handy on busy days.
I had a more recent account of this. In my animation class we use a program called Flash. It helps create simple animations and websites. Well an action you can make is called a "motion tween." What does the word "tween" rhyme with? "Queen." And I looooove the band Queen. So this "tween" word automatically triggered "killer queen" in my mind. Instead of singing in my head, my word vomit took over and I spit the words to the song out loud but replacing "killer queen," with "motion tween." 

Then my instructor shouted to the whole class that maybe I should announce every exercise we do from now on.    OOps.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

This happens in real life.

Don't worry I am not the only person that participates in making a complete fool of me. Apparently it is quite easy for me to be put in the most uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. But me being outgoing, and pretty much fearless leads to this extremely weird situations. I like challenges, or dares, if someone asks me to do something that would embarrass the average bear, I usually am the first one to jump at the opportunity. Like I said no fear. Let's give a short example shall we....and yes this happens in real life.

Me and the friends were out, and this guy with a ponytail starts talking to us. After some time, he points out one of his friends hanging out outside the place.

Ponytail: He was just on 'LA Ink' last night, and we've been giving him a hard time about it all night. So he's a little embarrassed if people mention it.
Me: Yes?

Ponytail: Well you'd make my day if you could run up to him and act like you saw him on the show. Like a total fan. It'd really embarrass him and I'd get a good laugh.

Me: On it (start walking towards the door to go meet the Ink man)

(So excited as if I was a teenage girl and I saw Justin Bieber.)

Hoodie Man: (Looking confused.)

Me: (WTF? I know it was you Hoodie man. You either have a tattoo or not! Your friend told me you were, Jerk.)

Pigtails Man (to the left of Hoodie man): Uh I was on LA ink.

Me: (red face........ great.) 

(What an idiot you are Lauren.)

Ha ha. (awkward laugh at myself.)

Yup, complete strangers, and made a fool out of myself. You think I would I would learn after so many failures that I shouldn't set myself up like that. What an idiot! So yes, this does happen in real life.

Maybe I should write a book? What do you think?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Mustache Monday, but Wednesday.

I found these funny. I mean there was a lot more. Loved it though. And plus one of them is in light of one of my past stories.
"Mustaches Make a Difference."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Joke for the day!

What is a pirates favorite letter??

Did you guess the letter R?

It's not "R" it's the "C"!!!!

Take a moment. Soak it in. Got it? Yes, that joke was that awesome. Just a treat for the day, because I feel in a good mood, and that I have a feeling that things are going to be okay. So jokes for good days and only more to come I hope.

Screw Mariah.

Maybe I should start calling them Diana Ross days instead? My mane was not tamable today. NO way Jose.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a HAIRY situation!

 I have a dream. It's not a very big dream, but I have been talking about it for awhile. And no I don't want to be a mermaid but rather envious of the locks they have. In my youth I was blessed with beautiful, LONG locks of love. Well, as I got older apparently long hair was way too "youthful" for me. I went through this, "I love short hair thing and I have hair cutting ADD." I'm over it. Now I find it quite hard to get my hair long. I want it long dang it!
But back to my dream: My goal in life is to one time get in the shower, and be able to hide my chest area with my hair because my hair is SO LONG. Below the boob length for sure. Like a mermaid...and Ariel. But I refuse to brush my hair with a fork.

So here's my goal. My best friend is getting married in May. My goal is to hopefully have some long locks by then. Let the hair growing and monthly updates begin (because I'm sure everyone is so concerned with my hair.)
 Hopefully MONTH SEVEN

PS. Total side note, but still about hair. I personally love it when little girls come into my restaurant with these florescent wigs on, and are totally into them. As if they wish they were born with this abnormal shade of red and lovin' it. Makes my day every time. Thank you little girls.

Belated Halloween.

Let's take a gander at some of my Halloween photos shall we?
My roomies
 Me and Bridget
 Ronni my Ritz Bit
 Ronni's man Ed (he grew up in Cali and he owns everything he's wearing.)
 Dreamin' of Colorado
 Meet my friend David
 The girls minus Allie :(
 You should just expect this from us already.
 Ed, Chase, and Robbie
 Our friend Juan, and by the flag in the back he's ALSO a friend of David's. Love them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This one! This one!

This kid seriously has made my day. What an impact because all I've been doing all day is finding more and more videos that he's done. This one is by far the best. I wish I could have been in the audience when he was on Chelsea Lately. I wish I had the guts like this kid to sing in front of my computer and video tape myself. I don't think I'm confident for that. More power to the midget.

I cannot stop laughing!

This little guy was on Chelsea Lately(one of my favorite talk shows) and I fell in love. He's made tons of videos, all from his bedroom. He's 15 years old, and he's a midget. Enjoy the laughter.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

watch this without laughing.

meet my friend adam. i just made him a celebrity.

Happy Fall-oween

Seriously Life. What are you doing? Awhile ago I had said that my life could just be told from a series of one embarrassing moment to the next, and for a while I felt like that theory wasn't as accurate. I haven't had many embarrassing stories in a long time. Well Life just laughed in my face, and proved me wrong. I hate you Life, why do you have to come up in the most awkward and inconvenient times? Let's just go through what has just happened recently in the last 72 hours.

Thursday, just being a friendly colleague through the halls at school, I make my way into a room filled with all my friends. I stop in for a Hello, and a quick chat, mind you not realizing that the door right behind me has been placed open. Bidding my friends a good night, I turn quickly towards the door, and meet my face to the cold, black, surface. Hello door, nice to meet you. Silence, not from worry, but silence from that laughter where you laugh so hard it is impossible to make any noise possible. Thank you Life.

Friday. Yes! I was invited to take part in some lovely Halloween Festivities. I mean the day was starting out great. I called in sick to work, got some errands and homework done. Came home, got ready with my dear friend Kat, did some hair, and got my costume on. Ready for some fun work party. Reach the party, ya know, mingle a little when my friend meeting us there calls me to meet her outside. On my own I make my way down the stairs, in my super cute heeled black boots. Uh oh. My heel gets caught in the carpet, momentum down, (me thinking, please catch myself, please catch myself) nope didn't catch myself. Man down! Man Down! Man all the way down! While on my way to meet my friend, my body met the bottom of the stairs. I look up to see if anyone saw? Yup, I should have figured. Laughing followed with, "Are you okays?" Yup, Lauren good job. I guess I was wrong about the dry spell. Lauren Christine is still on a roll....literally.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Don't you hate it when you full on run into a door in front of all your too.

Oh Omaha!

Last Sunday I just returned from a land far far away, Omaha Nebraska. What brought me out there you ask? My dear friend Alison Noelle Milone.
She's going to be a nurse. She left her dear friends in California for the plains of Omaha, Nebraska. And I'm not going to lie I was quite impressed with Omaha. I was expecting it to be severely flat, which is was, but I never expected it to be filled with beautiful trees. Much like this.
Every street is lined with beautiful fall colored trees. And I might add something else. The people in Nebraska are extremely nice, the men, women, kids, elderly. Living in California for so long I forgot what it's like to live around all around nice people.

We had a blast! But were were on a mission on this little trip....find Miss Allie a man! An Omaha man. And did we find one. We went out and met this group of guys, mind you, I met them and brought them along to meet my friends. Let's just say one of them and my dear friend really hit it off. They just had their first date, and plan on another, so all I ask is when they get married, they owe me their first child. Just sayin. Overall, Omaha you will be missed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back to life, back to reality

So what's been going on, well I still glue myself to a computer screen for school if I'm not at work. I still wear that awful polyester outfit for Disneyland, which has been slowly ruining my life for the past 5 years, and I can feel this 6th one is just going to get better. Still live in a town house with a man whore, engaged couple, horse-sized dog, and a big fat kitty. And I still have to resort to virtual kisses to the boyfriend and live for countdowns until the next time I see him. Man, doesn't life sound grand. Back to life, and back to reality, which both at this very point to me don't seem too appealing to me. I've just realized that I have become quite the boring person. Screw my 20s, heck I skipped all the way to 80s. Same thing every week, and surprise, I'll be doing the same thing next week too if you're looking. Isn't life just so unpredictable?? Whoever said college years were the best times of their lives, obviously didn't go and/or didn't graduate. Jeez Louise. Can I get my life back please?
Don't let Snow White fool you, because I just saw her talking on her cellphone while smoking a cigarette.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to School time.

Well here I go. Another start, to another quarter at the Art Institute of Awesomeness and Advertising. This is my last year. This time next year I will be a college graduate (finally) and will be off starting my new life as a career-driven adult. I am a little hesitant starting this quarter because, well school causes me a lot of stress. 5 classes, and mounds and mounds of projects just make having a life or feeling happy quite a challenge on some days. I am just hoping that this quarter turns out great and I get some great work to add to my portfolio. I had my first class this morning, and frankly I'm just ready to bust out this quarter. And also, I can't quite tell if my instructor likes boys or girls? I'm thinking the males. It should be an quarter, I say that now but I've only had one class. So we will see.
I also decided that this last year of school will have a theme. "Last Year, Last Chance." Meaning it's my last year, and my last chance to have some fun like I'm supposed to! I'm a college student dang it! No rules for me this year! Wish me luck people, and that the year goes by faster.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Carey Curl Craze

I have always had curly hair, when I was a blonde youngin' I had long wavy locks of love. Although in the past, I had grown up always hating my curly hair, and always envying all the girls that were blessed with perfectly straight hair. Then, the hair straigthener was invented and I was so grateful that I wouldn't have to go another day with oddly shaped hair. After pretty much straightening my hair every day in high school, I one, probably had the most unhealthy hair known to man, and two, never noticed how curly my hair was. I had forgotten. It took me after several years after and some camping trips later to know that my hair is extremely curly, and I believe has gotten curlier than when I was a young girl. So now I have embraced my curly hair and have developed a theory.
Some days the curl can be somewhat managed, but for those days that volume and curls are the words of the day I tend to resemble this lady....
Not just Mariah Carey, current day, but Mariah Carey from the 90's. So I then decided that those wild curly days are now considered my "Mariah Carey Hair Day." These curls cannot be tamed people! They are out of control, no hair product or tool can mend these curls. They are their own army and win every time. For those that hang out with me on a regular basis, will all know and back up my stand on my Mariah Carey Curls. I don't hate those days, they just make me laugh. And I have decided today...
(and yes I did start busting out my "Honey" lyrics in this picture.)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's coming to an end. And I am sad.

Well I thought I'd start with saying that the other day I filled my stomach with this delicious breakfast. Just part of a well rounded breakfast right? Sugar being the main food group of course. But my trip to Kneaders makes me realize that I only have a few more chances in order to fill my belly with this sweetness. Then, it made me realize that it's all coming to an end. My time in Utah is almost up and I feel like I wasn't given enough time. I've decided this now, that this is the worst feeling in the world. I have now realized that the tables have turned. I went from moving to California, missing Utah. To visiting Utah, and missing California. And now living in California, missing Utah over the past five years. This is not a good situation to be in, I am so confused.
I am in quite the pickle. I can't move to Utah, because I'm still in school. But I graduate in a year, will I be able to get a job in Advertising in Utah? Career, Money, Love, Family, Happiness? BLAH! I hate being an adult, and having to make a lot of long life choices that could effect my future whatever way I choose to go.

I guess I am thankful that I was able to spend the summer here, with my family and love. I got to spend the summer with friends, the boyfriend, and joining in fun family events that I haven't been a part of in 5 years. I needed this time away from California to kind of realize what I really needed. I love Utah, and I am so glad that I grew up here. I wouldn't take back any of the stupid and crazy things I did growing up here. The countdown begins, to me leaving. 2 weeks. Don't worry Utah, I'll be home for Christmas.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby, NO!

Well, I left my house yesterday and found a baby at the end of the neighbor's driveway. Awkward much?

Monday, September 6, 2010

This one time.

Remember this one time at the Lone Peak Basketball game, in high school when I accidentally ended up hanging from the basketball hoop, and everyone laughed at me? Me too, oh what great embarrassing memories. (or maybe it was the Timp game? Whatever.)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Read this.

You won't be let down. If you like the show House, you'll love this. I read it so fast. I highly recommend it.

Hulk Boy

 I was reminded of a story last night. My brother and I were sharing some of our own hilarity filled stories across the dinner table which led to long lengths of silent laughter (you know, where you are laughing so hard that you can't catch your breath to the point where noise can not escape your mouth). I shared this story, and now I will share it with those who are willing to read.  I always forget that this happened to me, and sometimes I feel like this only would happen to me. The subject of Hulk Boy pops up every now and then and realize how hilarious it really was. Shall I share?

Years ago, I was in a relationship that was a bit unhealthy. It basically was coming to an end. After a week of separation, and contemplating what I should do about the matter, we met up at a local park one night to "talk." It was dark, and there were still some people playing basketball, as we occupied one of the picnic tables. I came to the conclusion that things were just not going to work out, the other side of the argument was not too pleased with this decision on my part AT ALL. Out of rage, the other stands up, throws their hat down, and starts storming away from me... and proceeds in ripping their shirt off much like the image above. In a state of shock, I look around me to see if I was not the only eye witness to this absurdness. Afterwards, out of courtesy, I picked up the hat and decided to return it to its owner. As I walk away in confusion,

"You're not going to talk to me?"
(Well sir, if you haven't taken some crazy pills that concluded you in ripping off your shirt like Hulk Hogan, maybe I would know what to say)
"I don't know what to say, you just ripped your shirt off!"

I then decided to return a key that was given to me a few weeks beforehand, and instead of taking the keys, this one decides to throw the key out into the dark abyss of the park to then befriend that torn and tattered shirt. Well, this became a lot easier than I thought.  Thus, leading me to the name Hulk Boy, thank you for my moments of laughter now.  I used to think that things like this wouldn't happen to people, but apparently they always end up becoming a reality for me.

All I can say after this little episode is that a homeless person has an extra layer for the winter months of California and possibly the chance of a new home to live in.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kiss me you fool

I think I could kiss this face forever. Even when he kisses me like:

•a fish
•a grandpa
•a Japanese cartoon character
•like we're from Gone with the Wind

yes please!
And even if I die from laughter every time you do, please sir I want some more!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesdays on a Wednesday!

So my current lover and I had a conversation a long time ago about what day we would meet the person we love? We collectively decided that Tuesdays are the best days to fall in love. Why you ask? Well that's because Tuesday is the most neglected day of the week, that something so grand and unexpected would most likely happen on that day. Mondays are always so dreadful, Wednesdays you're practically half-way through the work week "hump day," Thursdays are "college fridays," and Fridays and Saturdays are expected weekend fun. Sundays are church of course. So when is there time to fall in love? Tuesdays of course! So I've been fond of Tuesdays lately. Although, I know that today is Wednesday, but I had yet to experience my full potential of Tuesdays, so posting on a Tuesday I wouldn't have my full experience of Tuesday by then. So this is what I love today, well yesterday and some most of the days:

•Coca cola
•Chubby babies
•Fat animals
•Cold cereal
•Audrey Hepburn
and....that one boy! (who I most likely met on a Tuesday)

So....did we meet on a Tuesday?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OOOOO IKEA, How I love you!

NO, HOORAY FOR THE IKEA CATALOG! Well it came...yes the IKEA catalog. I am such a nerd and I go crazy over this catalog. I guess I don't really pay attention to what they are selling or the prices, I just love the arrangements they make for the pictures. I just want to rip every page out and save them to know that one day I will decorate and have lovely things like that. Grant, IKEA isn't known to have like super super nice furniture, but I still can't help myself on my college student budget. Sadly, as of now I really can't decorate the place I'm staying at. I think what the IKEA catalog does for me is make me happy for the things I look forward to after college. Such as, getting my own place and having full freedom to decorate and make it my home. My creativeness is having to be stuffed inside myself as of right now, but it sure is trying to come out. Not quite yet though. Can't I just live in the IKEA catalog where life is filled with beautiful colors and patterns, and where the people love where they live? I guess I will just have to resort to the plain white jail cell walls that I currently have in my solitary room of freedom. I'm dreamin' big you guys!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't talk to strangers!!!

Well apparently to a stranger I look capable of abducting a small child. Would I ever? No, of course not, but this woman at the mall was sure upset and giving me the stink eye when her daughter was caught talking to me. I was minding my business at the mall looking at some accessories, when I notice two feet below me the cutest little girl admiring a sparkly necklace next to me. She glanced up at me, and gave me this adorable little girl smile, and nicely I smiled back. Then the young one spoke, "I think you should get this one." "Oh really?" I replied. She then continued, "And plus I really like your boots." "Why thank you very much." Then, after briefly discussing necklace choices and my boots, we were rudely interrupted by her mother who was too distracted at the counter with her own mess to even notice where her daughter had been for the last 5 minutes, "Hey! (insert little girl's name, I forgot it) (also mother giving me the stink eye at this very moment) Get over here, this isn't Roosevelt, you could get kidnapped here!!!" (Continues to stink eye me) Then I kindly try to save her daughter from being punished I told the mother that we were just talking about necklaces and which one she should choose. (Another stink eye look.) "Get over here, (name), RIGHT NOW!!!"
Yes, woman, us classy ladies were just talking casually about accessories while you rudely interrupted this adorable little girl and practically accused me of kidnapping your child! Sorry your daughter is cute and outgoing alright, all features that I'm sure will only bring you unwanted "trouble" for the rest of your life. Get over yourself lady, this isn't Roosevelt ya know! Jeez!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Picture Perfect

Can I just say today was perfect? Because it was. On my way to work today, everything around me felt perfect and beautiful in it's own way. I recognized what a beautiful state Utah is. This is where I grew up, and I never really took the chance to admire or appreciate the beauty all around me. Living in a valley, you are just engulfed by it. I rolled down my windows, soaked up every ray of sun, took deep breaths of that fresh CLEAN air and gazed upon my clear blue skies that danced across the tops of the mountains.
If this was my first time visiting Utah, I think I would be amazed at the beauty, in an almost overwhelming way. It'd be something I didn't expect from some small lone state. I have been living my everyday not noticing these things, it's almost like I've always taken advantage of being surrounded by this environment. So today, I embraced it, and look forward to future moments like these again. I almost feel bad for those who have never been able to take in a sight like I had this morning. It was a great way to start my day, and the momentum followed me for the rest of the day. Thank you Utah, for my special treat.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color Me Mine

I will have to admit. I have an addiction. I love nail polish, not the smell or anything just the amazing amount of color options I can have for my nails. How could you not like painting your nails? I feel like my whole way of being is thrown off if I don't have my nails painted. I am not myself without my little pointers painted in amazing color of the week. Also, I am addicted to how feminine I feel with nail polish on. I notice that I use my hands more gracefully like a lady should, and I just feel girlie. I love it. And let's not forget the best part, you can have pretty much any color under the sun on your nails. It is my form of expression! This week I am coral orange....much love for the color.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's been awhile and I've missed you...

Okay, so I am a horrible blogger. It's been far too long, and I guess a lot of things were going on in these last few months where my blog was my last priority. Lots of stress. But ya know, I've decided that I'm going to kind of rework this blog. Not only will I be sharing my funny moments but I will be sharing my daily views and excitements. I am currently working on fixing things in my life, my relationships, friendships, family, and just me in general. I thought I should document the little miracles I find each day(okay, maybe not everyday because I can never keep up.) So here I am...a fresh start.

Well I think I decided today what one of my favorite things on my list of many things that I consider a favorites (along with fat animals and cookies). You know that moment after you pour yourself your most favored cereal into a freshly clean cereal bowl and add that precious white gold into it? Well, the moment right after that is my favorite. Taking the first bite of that cereal is by far the best bite of the entire cereal bowl experience. That mixture of crunch, and a slight give due to the liquid finding it's way through the flake is where utopia is found. The BEST. I am very thankful for that moment every time I make the decision to start my day with a bowl of cereal. I feel like the magnitude of joy and excitement just follows me throughout my day. The moment and good feelings just carry onto my events, making it a great day. So everyday should start out with a bowl of cereal because then, there could be no room for horrible moments to bury your bliss. And of course it's part of a well-balanced breakfast!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have a confession.

So I have a confession to make to the world, and it's quite embarrassing on my part. I know I do it, but I never realized I did it until lately. I don't do it often, but I can't believe I caught myself doing it. I currently work at a restaurant as a server and a busser. Lately I have been bussing a lot more, and I find bussing quite a boring job. I constantly find needs to entertain myself whether it's with coworkers or just by myself. And it wasn't until recently I started noticing that I find something else quite amusing.
When I am bussing a booth that runs along the wall of the restaurant, the process of cleaning the tables off are extreme. Since we are not allowed sit in the booth to wipe down the back of the table we are supposed to reach over and clean the back of the booth table. This is where my entertainment comes.
Do you want to know? If you can keep a secret.

While wiping these tables down I find it funny, since my behind is already in sight (refer to picture above) I sometimes decide to perk up my little toosh to give it a little extra flare. I do not know why I do this, but I find it extremely funny to do it when there is a table sitting right behind me. I always out the corner of my eye check and see if anyone notices. Whether they notice or not I find this the most hilarious thing ever. I don't tell anyone at work that I do this, so according to them I have the best table wiping technique ever!
I have recently discovered that this probably isn't the best technique because I have been drawing some more unwanted attention from my coworkers including weird looks. I think I should tone it down a bit, but it is quite funny to find out if people look at all. Ha ha. So if you ever enter this restaurant and happen to see a girl wiping down a table with her behind proudly hanging high in the was me.