Sunday, May 29, 2011

This one time my roommates got married.        

And we got to look pretty.
And we were bridesmaids.
And I had a hot date.

And my family learned how great we are at taking photos together.

And we learned it twice.

And all our friends were there.

And I mean ALL of them.
That's right cheerios, my best friend and her fiance slash both my roommates got married last weekend. 
The Day the world was supposed to end.
Well I've very happy we all survived. ha.
Anyways it was a great time. We all had a blast. And that's all that has to be said about that.
Now they are on their awesome honeymoon.
And I am left cuddling with their dog.
Congrats guys!

It was just really nice having everyone together.

Friday, May 27, 2011


thanks to Mr. Man.
19, and little babies!

Up to speed.

Let's get everyone up to speed about this busy past weekend of mine.
This weekend will have to be broken up into different posts because it was just go, go go.
Let's get started shall we?
  I will now explain all the things you need to know about thee said pictures above.

-Mr. Man of Mine was in town for the weekend to keep me company, if you couldn't tell.
-Laguna Beach is magical with all it's food, shopping, and art. 
Where else can you find multiple places to buy a taco, some gelato, and a work of art within the same block?
-Couches are definitely something that I once looked over and now realized that everyone should take note.
-I look like an orange and Snooki may have befriended me on Facebook (spray tan results)
-Laguna has some great artwork everywhere
-That there is a whole store that sells "toys for the curious"
-Mr. Man is so good at taking pictures of me mid-air or including my lower half for that matter
(this statement is filled with large amounts of sarcasm)
- I am terribly good at taking terribly good looking pictures of Mr. Man of Mine in all his attractiveness
-The last picture here is an awesome story*
*we took this same exact picture, in the same exact place 5 years ago. I was trying to find the other one to compare. But did not succeed. man does time fly...5 years!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's talk about this one time I worked at Disneyland for almost 6 years...

... and was never once ordained the "starfish of the month" aka: employee of the month.
Well, someone must of heard me griping, so I got some balloons, a free meal, and my picture in the kitchen for everyone to see who they need to look up to to provide excellent Disneyland Standards of serving and cooperating with the general public.

....let's talk about the summer I pretty much ate a whole Costco size bag of Sour Patch Kids by myself.
Couldn't feel my tongue for three days.

...let's talk about how my best friend in the whole world is getting married on Saturday.
Holy Canoli!

...let's talk about Justin Bieber again.
Why does he have keep getting cuter?
Why must you provoke my pedophile tendencies so much?
Get ugly already.

...let's talk about my obsession with watching hair tutorials.
And I will say it's fun to try it out. Not so fun when you try it out and then it's a bust. Looks like someone is getting a bun today instead.

...let's talk about how sometimes the new CS5 Photoshop really bothers me, thus I must cheat on you with Illustrator and continue our love affair.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FACT #11

If you drink water in the Western United States, you will get pregnant.

Something is in the water, and I know that this should in fact be a warning to us all.
Because everyone I know is pregnant right now.
So I say that the water is contaminated with prego juice or also something I would like to call...sperm.

This is quite dangerous. 
Thus I will only be drinking bottled water for the next few months. 
So far... I am as fit as a fiddle.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes things don't go right.

So here I am telling you, that not everything is always stuffed animals, braiding hair and giggles.
But I'm sure you already knew that, 
everyone knows that, 
because everyone lives it. 
So why pretend like life is always perfect?
I am a real person that has good days and bad days.
And lately have been consumed by bad days or blah days,
and I feel no need to pretend. 
 So yes I am a real person and I have sad thoughts and feelings, haha.
forgive me for the silent treatment.

But things always get better.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Mr. Man of Mine,

I like you.
and miss you.
and just so you know my pillow never cuddles me back as well as you do.

Love, Lo

PS. I am very happy that I only have to wait 2 weeks to see you again instead of our usual 2 months.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednes to the day.

Hairy Potter? Oh the many disguises of Sheila Mays.

+When you walk down the halls of school in your new heels and then your ankle decides to twist and send you to your body-meets-ground front of another colleague. And your first reply to suppress embarrassment is to yell/laugh,"Woooooo."

+Running and a bug happens to run into you and get caught on your shirt so you proceed in throwing your hands up and doing a little running on hot coals dance while doing so. Throw in some screaming and the routine is complete!

+Walking on an extremely busy street +wind blowing  +wrap dress = chonie glimpse.

+Sitting in a confined place, ie airplane, and woman next to you whips out a boob and latches her young baby to it. Not that big of a deal right? It's not if the woman would have decided to put a blanket over herself. Heaven forbid there was turbulence and we would have had full on contact.

+Running one morning and a butterfly fluttering along side me for part of it. We became friends.

+Alison Milone is in town. And I love her because she finds me to be the funniest person in the world. She's my biggest fan!
I'll keep trying Allie.

+Declutterizing my room.(new word by the way)

+Only having to wait 2 weeks to see Mr. Man of Mine.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My actual day job.

Back to my Utah roots, I quit my day job in order to pursue a life living off the land.
All for the reason of being able to drive a tractor.
I only wish these two statements above were true.

I was always disappointed in my parents for never finishing our backyard, because if we did we would have to buy a ride on lawnmower in order to keep up the lawn.
And in that case, if we did then this would be the ONLY yard work I would have actually volunteered to do. 
Parents: think of all the free child labor you would have gotten out of me.

 Why do I love tractor riding/driving?
Do I long for these tractor rides due to the overdose of Footloose exposure as a child in order to subdue my mother's obsession with Kevin Bacon?
This is going to be a yes.

Oh! By the way....Happy Too Cute Tuesday!
For this outfit I chose to wear elastic pants in order to give room to the massive lunch I was planning to have that day.
Verdict... plenty of room to grow in comfort.

I like how my outfits of choice are determined by the meals I will be eating.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Weddings.

Have I told you lately that my life for the next few weeks will totally be consumed by weddings? 
Well, now you know.
I feel like such a Jet Setter these past slash next few weeks. 
Weekends here, and Weekends there.
Which by the way is making time go by so much quicker, especially when it comes to school. And on that note I cannot complain one bit.

But let's just say life right now can only be described with one simple but super-filled word. 
Crazy fun. Crazy anxiety. Crazy plans.
It's just crazy my lovies!

So this last weekend I made THEE quickest trip known to man back to my home town in Utah to see one of my good friends get married.
The bride looked so beautiful and I'm so glad that I was able to witness the blessing of their marriage together.

It seriously warms my heart so much to see the people I love and care about so happy. I only wish the best for the newly wedded couple and their future they'll have together! 
You go Kiddos!

 Here's a funny slash awkward tidbit for you.

Let's talk about the bouquet toss.
For was quite embarrassing.
Not only was I only 1 of maybe 5 other girls that weren't married and called to participate in this tradition BUT
it also didn't help that the rest of my friends and part of the bride's family were chatting my name.

Well I'm glad that we are all on Team Lauren.
Me. Red Faced.

When it came to the actual toss, well I didn't really try to catch it. In fact I was just leaving my hands out without thinking.
Well guess so ended up slightly catching the bouquet?
And I say slightly because it first bounced into the girl's hands next to me and then bounced right into my little boney non-involved hands. 
Uh uH? Red Face.

So I wasn't quite sure what to do so I just gave the bouquet to the girl that originally got the first bounce.
Still so incredibly awkward. 
Way to go Lauren.
Way to ruin another special moment with your awkwardness.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

thoughts on this cinco de mayo!

Hello, we are awesome.
Happy Cinco de Mayo lovies!
Us Advertising gals at the Art Institute of Awesomeness and Other Such Things threw together a little Cinco de Mayo potluck shindig!

Amy, our hostess went all out and did such a great job of decorating her apartment for the festivities, and even provided party favors for all of us.
Touche Amy!

here's what's been brewing in my mind lately:

Sometimes when I don't want to do my hair and it looks a mess (like it's meant to look this way), I some how convince myself that if I only dress cuter that my whole ensemble will counterbalance itself.
Is this okay? Or just lazy? Both?

Silence honestly freaks me out, can't fall asleep, can't do homework, can't read. 
I think this might be a problem.

Don't you hate it when you go somewhere and you feel like everyone is staring at you?
Why are you looking at me?
Then I get this complex that I'm running around with something stuck in my teeth or have toilet paper streaming from my heels without me knowing.
Oh gosh please let it not be that.

So I drove out of a parking lot the other day and saw dead duck that was ran over by a car, worst part was when I was attempting to not drive over him myself, I saw his little webbed foot waving straight up and high in the air.
Making me think he might have been telling the car that ran him over to stop.
Poor Donald.

Sometimes I question my thought process.
I end up in the weirdest places, and the worst part is when I say them out loud.
I am hoping this a normal trait.

Lately, a lot actually, I have been really envious of peoples' lives.
And it kind of makes me upset.
I tend to dwell and dwell on the fact that I'm not living a life like theirs, blah blah blah. woe is me.
But I think I need to realize that maybe someone out there is envious of the life I live?
Even if they don't, I need to embrace and love the life I'm living and stop trying to live through others.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally! An Awkward and Awesome Wednesday!

'bout time huh? 
I thought so too.

+When guests at my restaurant ask to take pictures with me and/or try to be funny and ask me what princess I am.
Um, I'm the server princess, the one refilling your drinks today.

+Trying to explain to a lady that she is in my seat at the stadium. Asking to see her ticket and she thus refusing to move. 
Uh...still my seat!

+Dropping an entire tray of hot food and the whole restaurant turn and look at you.
I waved hi. Yes, yes, it was me.

+Woman telling me to make sure everyone else I work with knows that her child with long bleach blonde hair and pink converse is in fact her SON.

+Possibly seeing the artist Sting at the Panera in Costa Mesa.
Best part, was my dad telling me to ask him if it was him and then to get an autograph.
Well it wasn't him.

 +Productive days

+Making your Hannah Montana band-aid on your thumb dance and sing to Party In The USA.
yes, I did do front of other people.
and they me? not sure?

+Warm beach weather

+Getting your hair done after months and months of badly needed touch up and trim. I'm sorry hair, I love you, and I don't hate you. So please still be good to me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

and the verdict is...

giant lizard was NOT killed yesterday,

BUT found in MY bath tub.


heavy sarcasm above.

Monday, May 2, 2011

EW no.

Dear Largest Lizard Ever,
Thank you for haunting my life forever by climbing through the doggie door this evening.
I've always wanted one of my worst nightmares to come true.

And also following it with the thud you made when you hit the floor.

It was great dropping all my school stuff in order to scream out loud for five minutes, as I watched you crawl across the room. 

Which then lead me to call both of my roommates in horror as to what to do with you.
Thus, making a fool of myself as my roommates laughed on the other line.

Thank you for hiding behind the fax machine, where I couldn't reach you so I had to leave you there in hopes that the cat or the dog would send you to your untimely death.

Love, Lauren

PS. Warn all your lizard friends that in this house we're lizard murders.


I have not posted in awhile. 
I hope my apology will be accepted.
And that we can still be great blog friends.

I've been hitting the in calendar/planning books.
These last few weeks have been extremely busy and these next five won't be any different.
Hopefully this will result in some totally awesome and exciting posting material.

Two things today:

I registered for my last quarter of college today.
open mouths in aw mixed with fist pumping to the air
I can't believe it...slight anxiety starting now.

It really makes me uneasy when I'm in line somewhere and the person behind me sneezes.
please have hand over mouth. please have hand over mouth.
I hope you covered your mouth rather than apply some mucus as an added hair product for the day.