Monday, January 31, 2011

Thankful Treats

Sometimes I feel like I am such a brat, and I tend to be ungrateful for even the little things in my life.  A long time ago someone told me to write down everyday what I was thankful for, or what made me happy that day, even if it was so small and only special to me. And this would then restore my mood and make me look back and remember that everyday mattered.
Aw.... right?
Well mine has some random funny ones too, so don't worry it won't get too mushy-mushy for everyone. I mean come on, it's me we're talking about. And being serious 24/7 isn't really in the books for me. 
So I decided that the last day of every month I will be adding a post reflecting on the things that I found interesting that month. Maybe your month will be similar. And it's kind of fun to guess what I did that day, some more obvious than others. Enjoy.

31 January Joys
1+ fat babies
2+ people ordering adult chocolate milks
3+ crazy/funny moods
4+ new coworkers 
5+ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
6+ new nail polish
7+ people getting trapped between doors
8+ laughing so hard you cry
9+ honey spiced cookies
10+ advil
11+ hairspray
12+ my mother
13+ coke classic
14+ feeling free
15+ knowing where you should be
16+ slipper socks
17+ heat blanket
18+ familia
19+ still being able to flirt with Mr. Man of Mine
20+ Chelsea Lately
21+ procrastination days
22+ The Cheesecake Factory's chocolate coconut cream cheesecake
23+ boyfriends that know exactly what to say to make me feel better
24+ good last minute/experimental hairdos (but unfortunately can never be recreated just the same)
25+ warm sourdough bread
26+ inspiration
27+ feel good days
28+ funfetti cake I can taste the fun already!
29+ being surrounded with friends
30+ happiness
31+ My dearest person, Kathryn Elise
It was her birthday today.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Seriously Sugar.

My sweet tooth has definitely gotten out of control this week. And today, it went crazy...TWICE.
Seriously, Lauren. Is it necessary that I not only made and ate Funfetti Cupcakes tonight, but also fed my face with Honey Spice Cookies?
Um, answer would be no. 
This is ridiculous.
And I blamed the cupcakes on my school project.
Consuming your week's intake of sugar in one sitting is not very lady-like or near healthy.
At this rate my pretty teeth will be replaced by nothing but gums by Halloween.
These are the devil, fitted into a soft, sugary and appetizing nugget.
Honey spice cookies, I love you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am a Copywriter.

It's like they made up a whole career according to what I specifically wanted to do.
(Don't know what they do? Look it up.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Dessert is my favorite meal of the day.

Here it goes another week of awkward and awesomeness:

+When your teacher mentions how he saw the picture that you drew of him last week. oops.
+Riding the cast member shuttle to work and you hear small random parts of people's conversations like, "Maybe she's a lesbian?"
+Watching a couple replace a leash for their 2 Pomeranian dogs with a Red Flyer wagon.
+Finding a daddy-long legs in your bathroom, come back to bring it to it's untimely death and it is nowhere to be found.
(Please Mr. Daddy do not attack me in the shower like the last 2 have. Because I will have to drowned you like I did the others. Thank you, Lauren)
+When you're on a roller coaster and the 13 year old in front of you gives you random facts like, Did you know that this building is only 199 feet tall and if it was one foot taller they'd have to put a red light on the top?
Um, Thank you?
+Having the body of a 13 year old and having the nickname of child bones
+When people verbally explain their Emoticons.... I'm sorry that happened. OH Sad Face!
Sad face = :-(
+Being a witness to a random stranger walking down the street in full blown Mary Poppins gear. I guess a spoon full of sugar helps the crazy pills go down. 

+Eating a whole lot of sourdough bread
+Have Rescue Me stuck in my head this whole week and singing it everywhere I go, giving me quite a pep in my step. I mean can't you see that I'm LONE--LY! And I need you!    
Yes, you.
+Getting stuck at the top of the Tower of Terror at Disneyland
+Being the reason why they stopped the entire ride at the top of Tower of Terror, and getting to ride it twice in a row because of it. Everyone, you're welcome.
+My homework this week involves writing a Dr. Suess poem.
+Eating all the sugar that I should only consume in a week and eating it in an entire day.
+Watching someone get caught between two elevator doors
(I know this one is mean, but I couldn't help but laugh.)

There you have it people!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am a strange breed.

My poor coworkers. Seriously, it already takes a special person to work at Disneyland, and I feel like I just take a Disneyland Cast member to another level. Honestly, I don't know how how these newbies survive working with me.
I am a different breed.
A night of work with me is like going into a really bad night club, ya know the ones that play awful non-related music and all the dance moves on the floor are ones truly mimicked straight from Footloose.
That would be me at work. 
When work is slow I start getting bored which leads me to entertain myself.
Except instead of music playing, I'm the one singing the songs varying from Missy Elliot's Work It to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. And quite loudly if I may add and the Kevin Bacon dance moves are coming straight from this little lady's 13 year old body. All awkwardly bouncing around like a 6 year old that just drank a gallon of Soda Pop. The only bad part about my club is that I'm the only one dancing and everyone else just standing around and laughs at me.
But I still do it. Sometimes the guests get a little preview as I'm shimmying myself out of the kitchen. I should be embarrassed but this is a nightly show for me and my fellow cast members. No wonder no one wants to work with me. I'm the girl in the corner working on some revised Step up moves, convincing my coworkers I that I can fit into a highchair, and telling jokes that only make me laugh. 
To my fellow coworkers....I'm sorry.
But life is a party.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't get any ideas people.

So I'm not getting married or anything so don't start getting these wild ideas in your head, but I couldn't help but show that this woman's wedding dress was so unique and beautiful. It's not something you see everyday and I like that factor, and the photography was just so beautifly done. 
I just like the dress, okay? Sue me for being a girl.
Just sayin.

And I like the picture of the peacock, One because peacocks have really funny names, which I guess makes me somewhat immature, but whatever. Moving on. Two, even though they might be pesty little suckers on the inside, on the outside the colors they exude are gorgeous. I swear they have colors that have not even been named yet. 
Sorry not at a funny post.
But maybe this has to do with the fact that I am currently watching The Notebook on television which is activating some of my woman hormones. Yeah. That's it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello. New Name.

If you haven't noticed but I changed the name of my blog.
Why you ask?
I was leisurely walking down the isles of Target and was on the search for a new book to read and intrigue me. (I got one by the way, Water for Elephants,  and I'm super excited to read it.) So as I was looking over the book covers I came across a book titled,

The Lo Down
by Lo Bosworth

Ya know that girl that was friends with the main girl from the MTV show The Hills. I guess for some reason it's a dating book and all about doing it right in the city of Los Angeles. 
 Gag me.
 My second reaction which was What the heck? That's my blog name, and my nickname(which I happened to be named first). I refuse to share now both of them.
Which resorted me to changing the name of my blog all together and giving it a makeover. Sorry. But I think I like this one better along with the look.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW! Awkward and Awesome Wednesdays!

Welcome to Awkward and Awesome Wednesdays!

Wednesday is kind of awkward in itself. I mean it's right in the middle of the week; is it the beginning of the work week or considered part of the weekend? Wednesday also goes by the nickname of Hump Day, if that's not awkward enough. So here I am, I decided that Wednesdays will be the days where I go through my continually racing and wild brain of mine and discuss what I find awkward and amazing lately. Feel free to comment and add to my lists each week if you'd like. Let the fun begin!

-Weird flirters. I have been coming across a lot of those lately and really, who are they fooling. If that's their game they won't be getting anybody, anytime soon.
-When there's an Amber Alert on the freeway announcing a child abduction and according to the laws of the road in the state of California it's illegal to talk on your phone while driving. But what if I'm on that freeway? Do I get a freebie if I get caught on my phone that day?
-When your roommate's friend tells you to not park behind your roommate when you get home tonight. I'm pretty sure I exchanged numbers with my roommate. uh.
-When you're in the ladies room and in the stall next to you, you can hear the quiet pitter-patter of someone's thumbs grazing across their cellphone keyboard.
-The toilet bowl seat covers state that they are Stocked for your convenience by the management. Uh, thanks for being so concerning? Maybe?
-Still not having my eyebrow fully grown back yet.
-My Media Production instructor. He is quite the character. (see image I drew in class below, perfect replica) He is the strangest man I have ever met, but hilarious. I can't quite figure him out. Is he a genius or just a weirdo?
I wish I could make a miniature size of him and carry him around in my pocket because he would be such a great conversation starter. So I put him between AWKWARD and AWESOME at the same time because he is surprisingly both.
-Finishing everything you wanted on your To Do list. (I almost succeeded, except for one)
-Hearing from someone else that they had heard very nice things about you from others. Put a smile on my face and warmed my heart
-The combination of peanut butter and banana together, which I put both on my English muffin this morning. Don't judge me.
-Adding new music to my Ipod, knowing that I have new jams to serenade myself on my lonesome cars rides.
-Everything about 500 Days of Summer, which happens to be my movie of choice tonight.
-Buying a new book and knowing that soon you'll get to read it when you finish the book you're reading now.
-Possibly planning a trip with my Mr. Man of Mine to Florida. I am so excited.
-Getting pulled over and using the Amber Alert as an excuse as to why you were on your phone.
-Craving banana pancakes

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"What I Wore" invented by Siera

what i wore today
My dearest friend Siera is doing this thing where she records what she wore this week, and each month previewing what someone else she knows wore. And Today we took my picture. I feel bad because I am a terrible model and Siera would not object. I move a lot, and I can't help but be goofy. I have the hardest time doing any type of serious face, or even doing a pose that looks fashionable and vogue. Basically I am just awkward in all aspects.

But I've been experimenting. I have all these clothes, and I feel like I wear the same outfit, with the same things all the time. I feel like my outfits from the past are now expected. So I've been trying to think outside the box and kind of mix up different pieces that I would repeat before with things I would have never thought to put together. I'm trying, and half the time I leave my house thinking that I probably look ridiculous but I dare to go out in public anyways.

So this is what I came up with.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hair update

I decided that I'm kind of a cheater when it comes to my hair updates of the month. I straighten my hair so it falls as long as it can. Which in reality do I really straighten my hair that much? 


Oh well. Well here is my updated length.
Still not growing.
Getting a trim on Wednesday (much needed)

And I love New York.

Monday, January 10, 2011

One of my favorite things.

So one of favorite things about people watching is when I come across someone with their head phones on and the music going, and them lipsyncing like no one is watching. 
It makes me so happy.

I almost want them to just do it and burst out really singing and start dancing like they do in the movies and everyone wherever they are at that time and place already know the dance moves. 

And then I would try my best to dance along too. 

(what they don't know is that I'm one of those people too.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


In 9 months I will be giving birth.

To my very first college degree. 
I will be such a proud mamma.