Tuesday, June 11, 2013


"I feel so 'Sex in the City' tonight, minus the whole sex thing. So I guess that just makes us just 'in The City' "
-Yours truly

Jef with one 'F' was right behind us when Erica and I went to the Green Pig last weekend.

We slightly freaked out, and he quickly made the right decision to run straight for the door.
And I'm pretty sure a lady brought her beer into the bathroom stall with her.

I found that odd, slash unsanitary.


Monday, June 10, 2013



Or should I say, old. 

Yay, now I get to pay for my own health insurance. Things are looking up, guys!

I recently turned the big 2-6 and normally I'm not a big fan of my birthday. It's hard to believe but I'm not into all the attention. Plus, my birthday over the years hasn't had the greatest track record. About 80% of them have been ruined or awful. Whether it was woke up with chicken pox, stomach flu, boyfriend gets in a fight with me, friend got arrested, boyfriend dumped me, etc.

This is one made up for the bad ones. I'm hoping it's an omen to how the rest of the year will be. Just happy and good.

The weekend before my birthday I went and visited my Sister Wife, Ronni all the way in New York for a last minute weekend trip. It was the best 72 hours and decision I've ever made! It was so nice to catch up because I have not seen her in almost two years (when we both still lived in Southern California).

 Took the red eye. This photo is a result of mixing a stein of beer and a benadryl to help me sleep=help me get closer to crazy.

 Saturday night, Ronni set up a dinner with me and all of her New York friends. We had amazing dinner over drinks. I felt so adult like.

 YES, this is Ronni's view on her rooftop. It was so dreamy!

 Another word to describe this weekend= Carbs (the sourdough twist infused with dark chocolate chips......gah to die for!)

 Every time I see these homes, I think of Sex and The City. (Sigh)

 Sunday we went and saw the Mets play. We were able to get free upgraded seats. But the most importantly, of course, I saw another Angels fan there, screamed my head off, and scared the living daylights out of them.
Normal, Lauren. Act, Normal.

The following weekend my little ladies from work were so great and joined me for a REAL soccer game and a night out to Keys on Main.

That whole night was just a freakin' blast. Pretty sure, if I recall the following happened:
-Us waddling around in the kitchen
-Us imitating the meanest person we work with
-Erica invented the beer unicorn
-meeting Outback Anthony
 -Julia ate 18" of hot dog
-at a player meet and greet, all I cared about was eating a cookie
-at Keys I requested Melissa Etheridge's "Come to my window." (I meant business...so serious I handed my song request to the piano player with my embarrassing $4 and with a straight face, looked her in the eyes and said, "It's my birthday." And slowly pushed the money towards her...like a serious business deal was going down.)
-She never played my song
-Carey started dancing on the chair

 Clearly, I'm taking this Single thing seriously.

 On my actual birthday my oldest friend Anna and her husband were so great and took me out for birthday brunch.

It was just such a great birthday. Makes up for all the others.
Thank you to everyone!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Not to be confused with the suits you were Monday-Friday.

Swim Suits.

My guilty pleasure. I kid you not.

And now that I live in a complex that has a pool, so naturally every weekend will be dedicated to me only wearing my swim suits all day, every day.

Fact: I browse at swim suits pretty much all year round. And when I love one, it's like a puppy in the window. I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!

So, sadly my best Sister Wife knows me all too well and sent me a Victoria's Secret gift card for my birthday and told me to get a new swim suit.
Seconds later, of course I was browsing, and now I can't decide.

Which one do you like best?






ps. i have an embarrassing amount of swim suits. I'm not ashamed.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello, Friends.

This post is a clear example of the phrase, "Just Say No."
This post will show several instantances where the classic Junior High D.A.R.E. program phrase could/should have been accurately depicted.

A few Saturdays ago my friend Erica (you should head over and check out her cute blog over here.) decided it was a good night to go out.
One of those, forget about the exes, and bring out your single lady kind of nights.

Our mutual work friend asked us to meet up with him and his friends at this one bar downtown.

At this point, we should have said "no," but didn't know it, it would have spare us this entire post.

Now for the list of things that prove we did not make good life choices that night:

-waiting outside "club/bar/hookah bar" Inferno
-noticing go-go dancers in duct tape underwear, pom pom bras, and green furry boots
-the go-go dancers bad life choice that night was the duct tape underwear, hate to think about trying to take those suckers off at the end of the night
-when the bouncer came out, 7 feet tall, wearing an all white suit, and gold chains
-walking in and noticing girls in Caution tape and bubble wrap
-the age ranged only newly 21 year old girls and 35-40 men
-there was a dance floor, where nothing good was happening
-a girl where was wearing nude color pasties on her...uh...lady friends, and nothing else

We should have said "No" to all of thee above, if we had known.

Do not move forward, and do NOT pass go.

We booked it right out of there. Never to return.

Clearly not our most shining moment.

And then there was the craving for Taco Bell. And that was probably the only good YES decision made the entire night.