Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous February Thanks

What?!? Two posts in one day? 
Yeah. I know! 
It's so exciting!

Well it's the last day of the month so remember it's time for me to go through what I listed I was thankful for and you will either be entertained or totally bored to death.
Let's go through all the Fabulousness that is February shall we?

1- fulfilling my chocolate desire
2- having a great teacher that makes me excited about what I do
3- final cut pro (editing program)
4- apple pie a la mode
5- feeling healthy
6- days off
7- my little ad girlies from school
8- cute outfits that make you feel good
9- lunch dates
10- cherry on top
11- my ouch pouch
12- movie nights & antibiotics
13- chunky scarf and starting a new book
14- LOVE of all things & ways that people surprise me
15- having time to read
16- being productive
17- home cooked meals
18- nights when it's raining and I stay in
19- flirty fun and great workouts
20- my bed
21- sleep & clean sheets
22- #2, Tuesdays, and Mascara
23- Funny Moments that make bad days go away
Like this below. 
(It's doesn't look as bad, but I washed my gloves and the one on the left was the size of a decent sized midget's hand, after it was all clean. Ridiculously small. And clearly the other is used and dirty. Gross. I guess I laughed that day about it enough to take a picture. )

24- Chili & homemade cornbread
25- San Francisco
26- Mr. Man of Mine & a great/perfect belated Vday :)
27- creative explosions in my mind
28- Kara's

Wow. I really like food.

I'm alive!

So I didn't fall off the face of the Earth.
I'm here, and alive. I just went on a little trip this weekend and yup forgot my computer. 
Kind of felt disconnected from the blogging world. If the people that read this are out there and are life dependent on my postings, everything is okay now. 
Don't you fret no more!

But this is a thought I had about little bundles of sweet joy that are called getaways.

The person who 1st discovered weekend or long getaways from the hustle and bustle of the thing we call "real life." They must have been over joyed to share this little treasure with everyone when they got back. And at first people probably thought that great things such as this couldn't possibly exist or even be made time for in the "real life" world. But once one other person goes against the normal flow of what's expected of them and get a little taste of the "sweet life" outside of their "real life." 
They will forever indulge and partake in the festivities called getaways.

This week I became one of those people. I made time out of "real life" to get a taste of the "sweet life." And much like something that tastes so good it stayed in my mouth and is forever with me. 
And I won't forget to get a taste of it every now and then.

It's kind of like butter. It's not something we should probably have all the time but sometimes you've got to have it because it tastes so good and gives everything flavor.
Give your life some flavor! You won't regret it.

Things I Learned About San Fran
+Huge Sea Gulls
+Sourdough bread
+Everyone that lives there must have the best little behinds, that they could bounce quarters off of them

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday.

So here are a few things you need to know right now.

It's my grandma's birthday on Saturday.
Happy birthday Grandma!
And my cousin on the left is moving to Colorado in a week. Boo.
  So we celebrated another year of life and a new beginnings of life together!
This makes me sad and happy at the same time. I'll be the lone wolf out here.

This is the fattest cat you will ever see. This picture doesn't even do it justice. Let's just say that it resembled Jabba the Hut with fur. NO lie, it was quite ridiculous enough for me to take a picture right?

Someone at school drew this and put it up in the student store. And my teacher told me that this picture reminds him of me. 
I must look like death all the time so instead of Too Cute Tuesdays, I must now make it into Too Cute Everydays and put more of an effort to not look like this on a daily basis. your heart out people. Haha get it.

Word on The Learning Channel(TLC) streets the racy and my awkwardly weird obsession with the show Sister Wives IS actually coming back for a second season. Secret yes on the inside!
YES!!! (two thumbs up)
Although I find the show sometimes disgusting and totally against anything I would ever be okay with, I can't stop watching it. Kind of like the Jersey Shore or Toddlers and Tiaras
As we have referred each other as before, these ladies above are the women I consider my very own set of sister wives.
Expect we don't share husbands and only one of us is actually married.
Seriously I don't know what I would do without each and every single one of these little lovies.
Aren't I lucky?! You are jealous. I can feel lit.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Hump Day

Hey kiddies!
Well this little photo shoot isn't awkward at all now is it. I believe that cabin fever has set in. Although it is not raining and I could go outside, the only times I ever make it out of the house these days are for errands or school. Which leads me to going crazy.
Who else do you know that makes snow angels in their laundry? 
Probably no one.
All I can say is it was so warm.
(sorry if anyone got a peek of my undies. oops.)

+Falling off your own bed. 
Excuse me Lauren it's a thing called balance, you should look into that.
+When you're participating in an in depth conversation and go to take a swig of your bev AND then you can't find the straw. Then you just end up looking like a fool making some inappropriate tongue gestures.
+Awkward dads that while serving their table wink at me every time they ask me for something. 
Um sir, I don't know if you noticed but your wife and kids are siting right next to you.
But I can't tell if they are being incredibly creepy or just are one of those people that wink after everything without knowing that they are doing it. Kind of like the people that give thumbs up all the time whenever they give you a response.
Yes! (thumbs up)
+When you're drinking out of a drinking fountain at school and then suddenly the pressure decreases or increases depending on whether the toilets flush.
I'm not sure if I should be disgusted by this one or not.
+When you talk to fast and constantly spill over your words as if you were just in the middle of having a stroke.
Kind of like that woman from the news after the Grammys. You should look it up.

+Making that Cheddar
+No soda for almost 3 weeks now! Woo hoo!
+Guy on the freeway waving his hands all around like a buffoon. I can't tell if he's yelling at the car in front of him or he's taking part of his own rendition of a hard core Lil' Wayne song.
You go Glen Coco...Mean girls...anyone?
+Pancakes! Finally! Although, they weren't banana pancakes. They were quite delightful.
+On Friday during the World of Color(water show) at Disneyland(place of employment or my slavery, which ever you prefer) it was raining like cats and dogs when a gust of wind pretty much drenched the entire crowd to the point where you couldn't even see them.
Didn't think you were going to get a visit Disneyland and Sea World in one day huh?
(this one is mean but it was already raining and it's still totally awesome)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Too Cute Tuesday again!

Yay it's Too Cute Tuesday my little cheerios!

Do you spot something missing in this photo? 
Siera didn't make it to school today, BUT she gets an honorable mention because she was at a taping of The George Lopez show and she still looked cute without us there! 
We'll send her cute vibes from school
cute vibes....wwhahahaha. (those were supposed to be the vibes)
So this very Too Cute Tuesday was just not the same but us Lauren's mustered up something and made some time to take a picture.
Although, getting someone to take the picture was rather awkward we got the job done.
The guy taking our picture's friend kept making awkward comments while his friend was taking pictures of us.

But put that aside today is a great and special day.
Why you ask?
Because it's 2sday, the 22nd in the 2nd month of the year.
2 is my favorite number. If you didn't know that already.
It's so lovely, and even, and balanced. I'm all about balance. My OCD is all about evens and balances. 
I'm the person that when there are 3 people in the car I MUST and always will sit in the back middle seat. I feel if I sit on either side the car is uneven.
Weirdo....yes? Maybe not?
Anyways, 2day (haha) is special and it turned out to be a good day!
Did you dress cute today?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My little easy bake oven. I love you.

I have another lover.
I am pretty much in love with my bed. The best money I've ever spent.
After being doomed to an awful twin mattress for my entire childhood, drenched in flowery and pink comforters, it was time for my woman bed.  Queen, pillow top mattress with a sleigh-bed frame. And me and this bed have become great lovers.

After a long night of work. Muscles soar, feet aching.
I turn on my heat blanket super high before I hop into bed.
Do my nightly duties....
wash face
take out contacts
brush and floss teeth
get into pjs

and my favorite moment of the night. Here it comes...Sliding in to my bed with it all toasty warm. Like a big hug.
It's my own homemade version of My Easy Bake Oven. 
And I am toasted.

mmmmmm.....this is what heaven feels like?
Welcome to my Weekend. I love you my little Easy Bake Oven.
(Which I never got as a child, I guess my mom didn't want me to get exposed to the radiation from eating food baked goodies from a light bulb.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Myself and some other person where having a chat and something about weird things that happened to us when we were little came up. Then I thought about this random moment in my time of awkwardness.

When I had just mastered the art of riding my bike with no training wheels I had gone to a friends house after school one day. Awaiting my parents arrival, I had time to show off my sweet balancing skills.
As I was showing how well I maneuvered my two-wheeler I began to loose balance.
And I lost my balance right into a rose bush.
The roses broke my fall and caught me. Oh how nice of them right?
You know what wasn't nice....
wearing shorts that day.

Let's not forget the embarrassment afterwards when my friend's mom had to pick all the thorns out of my little toosh while I waited for my mom to arrive.
So traumatizing that I still remember that to this day, or I was quite the dramatic 5/6 year old.
Probably a mixture of both. Ha ha

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jeez Louise....

Make myself a tuna fish sandwich before class to make sure that I get my fish/mercury intake for the week.
Driving to school and rub my face with my hands.
What do I smell?

Tuna. Sick.

*Now I know why I never wanted my mom to pack me tuna for lunch. Open your backpack and WHAM the whole class knows what you're having for lunch, and questioning whether you should eat it later.
Totally wanted to spare the embarrassment.

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Do you see what I see?
I see a lot of rain....AND it's Awkward and Awesome Wednesday!
Let's do it kiddies

+Peeing in a cup and trying so hard to get something out and nothing does, and when it finally does, well your hand isn't happy afterwards
+NOW (now that's what I call music) 37,  37?!?! Do people still buy those?
 I purchased NOW 5 when I was in junior high.
I believe Jumpin' Jumpin' by Destiny's Child was the major hit
+Trying to walk and drink out of a cup at the same time. I am challenged when it comes to this process, and the result always ends up on my shirt. A straw is pretty much needed at all times
+When teachers talk about smoking the doobies back in their day.
+Sour Patch Kids always getting stuck in your teeth and you try you're hardest to get it out.
+Acid wash jeans
I'm embarrassed for the person who invented them, I can only imagine how they feel

+Running 5.5 miles by myself
I want more! MORE!
+Dark wash jeans because they look so good on pretty much anyone
+Eating insane amounts of Sour Patch Kids
+Cookie bouquets....yes they make them and if my stomach could smile it would have the biggest grin. One of those, please
+Challenging myself to drink so much water that my pee is clear as day
Mission Accomplished
+Taking soda out of my diet and going strong for almost 2 weeks
if you know you well enough you know this one is hard for me. I mean I get free soda at work

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday

*notice the orange TOMS, love love love


Well look at us here, just rocking the runway, also known as the school parking lot and we just rolled in in that blacked out GMC in the back. Kardashian style. Ha ha, if only. You think at a school where we are constantly surrounded by creative people that we would have been able to find someone to take a photo for us, but apparently not at this very moment. Thus creating this awkward picture where we may or may not be advertising cars or an after school special. Along with this I hid the urge to bust out some sidewalk chalk and start playing four square and taking dibs that I would end up beating both Siera and Lauren.
Every Monday night I sit and try to muster up what I could possibly wear for the next day. But there's one thing I've learned about my thought process for Too Cute Tuesdays. I tend to think I'm amazing at styling sometimes
Oh my gosh! This and this would be so cute together
Then when I try it on I am faced with the harsh reality that they really don't look good together whatsoever. So I've learned to work with parts of my ideas and to TRY EVERYTHING ON. And because of this process I tend to doubt myself before I walk out the door.
Does this really look good together? Or do I look like a 4 year old trying to pick out what I wanted to wear all by myself for the first time?
Can I wear white shoes after Labor Day?

But I've learned to just go for it. And I think you guys should go for it too! 
What did you wear today?
Join us!

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a love day!


After coming to terms last week that Siera and I would be the only ones attending class on this very lovable and coupley holiday. It was time to turn the tables on the most dreadedness of not having dates.

So we decided to revert back to our 2nd grade days where your mom would dress you up in every pink or red, and sometimes both items that you owned and send you on your way with your Valentine receiver made out of a shoebox and your Hello Kitty valentines. 

 We decided that we should just celebrate this colorful theme and dress extremely cute and girly.
And we accomplished it. Adult style.
  But now that I think about it, it was probably cuter when we were in 2nd grade.

Anyways, we spent a lovely evening in our classroom and looking deeply into our handsome dates eyes, hilariously both named IMac. 
And as boredom grew heavily upon the duration of class, Photobooth session was then necessary. 
The End.
I'm pretty sure the photo on the far right is the best face I've ever made. Kind of says, Hi, I'm five and whatever you think I did Siera did it, but in reality I probably did it, kind of way.

And let's not forget Lauren Ashley! That cute-pie and fellow sweet lover, brought me a super cute from-scratch brownie cupcake with homemade buttercream frosting.
In love.
  So I cheated on IMac with my cupcake. It was bound to happen.
Sweets are my kryptonite.

Hope all you little lovers had great evenings too filled with kisses, love and feeding your faces with insane and unhealthy amounts of sugar!

Hair update....ya ya

Well I haven't been good at blogging this weekend, cause well I was sick but now I am feeling much better.
So much better I realized that I hadn't done an update on my hair growing process (since I know you all were waiting for it) in a loooong time. So it's late and I just came home from work so.....
1- my hair is extremely fluffy from being in a ponytail all night
2-I am wearing my ridiculously fashionable and flattering work shirt

(if it looks huge, it's because it is, I get it 3 sizes too big because apparently someone thought it was a good idea to button the top button of this shirt. SO since I consider breathing a necessity then I found my own way to make it work. End looking like a child that wears her dad's huge old t-shirts to bed. Memories anyone?)

And keep in mind I just got a trim 3 weeks ago people. But I think I've seem some progression.
This is my "Stank" face. Which means I probably just smell leftover MacNCheese or Spaghetti with Meatball Lollipops on my shirt.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Future 'Too Cute Tuesday' outfits?

I like these images and I like the outfits.
But I think one of them she is naked in a in that case I like the imagery.



Old people must read speed limit signs backwards.

50 mph = 05 mph.
Am I right? Or am I right?
I'm almost positive I'm right.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oooooh hello.

Orange TOMS. 
Thank you Mr. Man.

I'm totally going to rock them.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

It's time for some awesomeness and some slightly awkwardness. I think I'm the only person with the most awkward looking pictures known to man. 
Yup. Pretty much looks like it.

Here we go!

+Accidentally calling the opposite sex, the opposite sex.
Hey, How's it going ladies.......oh sorry.
+When the sun is past the point of the sun visor and you can't do anything about it. Mad.
+This couple that probably could have starred in the sequel to Forest Gump. They would nail the parts of Forest and Jenny, hands down!
+When you're talking about someone and they just happened to be right behind you. (It was a good comment, okay. I just don't know them very much, like we don't even know each others name's)
+When you're making a weird butt motion and there's someone behind you, and not realizing it
+Some big and possibly drunk woman working the catwalk.....on the crosswalk of an intersection
+Dropping part of a candy bar down your shirt, it getting caught in your bra, and while you're trying to fish it out..... your teacher just happened to catch it. Yup.
+Which reminds me of how awkward it is when you get a hair down your shirt and you can't decided whether to dive in and get it or just leave it and go to the bathroom.

+2 Glee's in one week. 
Thank you.
+New sunglasses that I got a steal of a deal for
+2 workouts in one day, and feeling fabulous
+Popcorn chicken
+Finishing my first video project
+Experimenting with new recipes and them being a success!
+Having a cute day. Yes, that is possible!
+Playing the 40 year reunion of the Art Institute of Awesomeness
+Going to San Fran soon
+Having Siera dress me today because I am not good at it.
+Making the comment that I was going to work my buns (hair bun and actually body buns) to make some extra tips at work. 
Guess it worked.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New! Too Cute Tuesdays

Well I kind of lied, Too Cute Tuesdays isn't that new in reality. Myself, Siera, and Lauren Ashley have been participating in Too Cute Tuesdays for about 4 weeks now and it's actually been something I look forward to every week now.  It's almost like a homework assignment, but fun and that I actually do.
Our idea came by randomly deciding that at least once a week we should dress up and look cute. One day to substitute our sweats and slipper socks for a cute, fun and/or sassy outfit. 
Sometimes a cute outfit makes your day better.
Or maybe it's just me? ha.
Why Tuesday?
Um, I really don't know actually. But now we've started blogging about it. So every Tuesday I will be posting our Tuesday outfits here. 
This Tuesday was extra special, almost like our Valentine's Day edition. Well at the Art Institute of Advetising and Awesomeness they were throwing a big cookie decorating fiesta during lunch, and me being the sweet tooth that I am, decided to take up that offer for a free sweet. I mean I don't think anyone after reading my posts would second guess my actions.

I love cookies. School definitely speaks my language.

Sweet Dreams.

Sweet Dreams. Literally.
Every night at around 12 a.m. for weeks I have been craving pancakes. Not any pancake but...
banana pancakes.
Don't those just look so delicious. BUT they must come from The Original Pancake House.
Please, get in my stomach. Soon.
 I need to stop looking at this post, my stomach can't handle it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bieber Fever.

Really America? A movie.

But have you ever wondered this because I know my little brain has?
You know how young girls are caught crying their eyes out whenever they get the chance to see or meet Justin Bieber.
Crying so hard you'd think a dear loved one had been sent to the grave. 
What happens when the Bieber Fever has been vaccinated and Justin is a grown man, with a beer belly, and hasn't performed in years. Justin Who?
Will those girls be embarrassed later in life that they obsessed so much that they cried more than when their dog died?

As an avid N*SYNC fan as an adolescent I will say that I don't think I ever shed a tear for my obsessive love of them. Nope.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

Yay for awkwardness!
Kind of like this random weird photoshoot I did with my roommate's dog, Wyatt (which took a lot of bribing). Whatever, he was so into it. 
And well I have a hard time taking pictures of myself (working on it), so I felt comfortable with the dog. Which just ends up being extremely awkward now that I think about it.
OOOOH awkward.

+Companies using rodents/housepets to sell their products, insurance, sandwiches, cellphones, cars.
+Automatic toilets, getting used to them, then going to a place where they don't have them and forget to flush the toilet, while girl is about to come into stall, turn around and yell WAIT! (and then having the toilet not flush after the first 3 times)
+Being only 1 of 2 people that showed up to class.
+Little boys that wear princess dresses at work.
+Trying to prove that I can fit in a highchair, and then almost getting stuck in one.
+Some random guy in class(but not in that class) Photoshop a picture of some half naked girl with his face only a 1/2 inch away from the screen (while wearing glasses), while making snorting noises.
+Wearing slipper socks and uggs together
+Laughing so hard you cry like 3 times in one night
+Consuming a week's worth of sugar in one day
+Finding Sonic near school (These are so hard to find in Southern California)
+Hopefully seeing the Mr. Man of Mine soon.
+Wearing the cutest heels ever, and those which you got a steal of a deal for
+Getting the whole CS5 package....for free
this one makes me so happy
+Learning how to edit my first movie,
I wish I had the patience for this to actually be an Editor one day

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Do not get too close to the camera on your Photobooth because:
Half of your face will go missing
You'll be ready to appear on an episode of Grey's Anatomy