Thursday, July 28, 2011

FACT #12

The funniest people are usually the smartest ones too.

I must be a genius.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awkward and Awesome School Wednesday!

I'm glad we pay thousands of dollars to go to our school in order for them to provide us with giant IMacs and all we use them for are to take silly pictures of ourselves.
This is what happens on a boring class, Wednesday nights, and terribly freezing.
And yes, I am wrapped in a Hello Kitty blanket.


+The ending to the newest Harry Potter movie. I found it extremely awkward and something I could do without. I'm glad everyone else looked old enough to spout out kids EXCEPT for the people that actually mattered.

+Being video tapped when approaching a table at work. UH.....

+Trying to explain to one of my instructors what the phrase, carpet matching the drapes, means.
This is quite difficult without loosing all professionalism.

+Guy in class drinking Iced Tea out of a Ragu jar.
Um, it's called refilling a used water bottle, or something?!

+The word Pangea or the whole idea of it in general.
Elementary school anyone?


+ADO's, translation of Disney talk: Authorized/Additional Day off.
These are blessings sometimes.

+Playing a revised version of Who's Line Is It Anyways on slow work nights.

+Seeing a family that I grew up with in Utah at a random restaurant in Orange County.
This is beyond crazy, but totally worth the awesomeness!

+Graduating in 7 weeks! 
Let the anxiety and minor freak outs begin!

Too Cute Boy outfit Tuesday.

So here is an awful picture of a picture.
I was lazy today.

Sue me.

All I can say about this outfit is that I got dressed today and looked at myself and said, 
"You look like a boy."
What a looker.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts on this late Thursday.

Here's a few photos from our bike ride from the Huntington Beach pier to the Newport pier.
And these are the little friends we met a long the way.
Let's not forget to mention that their slightly older brothers, meaning like 12 years old were rating us girls as we stopped to purchase some lemonade.
I'll have you know I scored "10's" across the board.
At least I'm appealing to some age bracket.
Maybe it's due to my awkward teenage looking body?

I love the movie (500) Days of Summer so much.
It's definitely in my top 5.
But after recently watching it I realized why I like it.
I am Tom. Or at least at this point in my life I feel like I am him.
But the female version of course.

I don't like sleeping alone.
Take it in a naughty way if you want, but that's not what I mean at all.
I mean, I just like the company. 
I secretly love it when my friends ask to sleep over or when my roommate's husband snores too much and she pushes me aside in the middle of the night to jump in.
And I don't mean cuddle, because I'm sure someone out there just loves the thought of me cuddling with my closest girlfriends.

I kind of don't like the dark. I usually have some sort of light source on.
I can sleep with my lights on my bedroom quite fine.

And I'm OCD and have to have all drawers and doors closed before I can fall asleep.

I have this habit where I tend to yell awkward things at times where I know I shouldn't say them due to the awkward moment I know I will be creating after I say it.
Apparently, I have no problem doing this at all.
(ex. Riding our bikes this past weekend, I see up ahead a much, much older gentleman lathering himself up in sunscreen right on the edge of the sidewalk. All I had to do what ride right past him and say nothing. Do I do that? Of course not. Instead, I call out, "Oh yeah! Rub it in!" and the old man then responds with a, "Oooooooh Yeaaah Baby." That's all I have to say about that.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Day that is Wednesday.

Well nothing says awkward like some good cat pictures.
After an adventure to the Sawdust festival in Laguna Beach this past Friday I came across my favorite booth there hands down.
Who doesn't like a good cat lady joke?

+Casually chatting on the communal "break area" picnic tables. Was rudely interrupted by a old man spoiling the moment with a nice Toot.
Yes. Toot.
And yes, Sir, we all heard it. 
And held in laughter when you wanted passed by the second time.

+The conversations that I have with my Sister Wives about bathroom issues. Maybe close is too close? If I just showed you the dialogue of what is said out loud, you'd swear you were reading something from a group of men.
And we laugh about it ALL the time.

+I am 24 years old and I still wear my retainers to bed.
Gross? Not Gross?

+Little boys dressed like girls, and wishing to be addressed as girls.
This happens way too often then I would like at Disneyland.

+That I have competitions with myself to see if I consume large amounts of water and see how clear I can get my pee.
Every trip to the bathroom I'm thinking, "Take that UTI!" And, "Your welcome kidneys."

+Going to the movies by yourself...which I do quite often, and having other people point it out and ask if you'd like them to sit next to you.
Um no thank you.

+Laughing hard. Or just giggle-fits in general. Usually caused by me thinking I'm the funniest person in the world, me saying something that I think is hilarious and then me proceeding with uncontrollable laughter.
Me being the only one laughing.

+Watching a little boy attempt to break dance. Cue me smiling and wishing that I was that young again and thought I could/was awesome at everything.
What am I thinking....I think that still. Grow up Lauren.

+Having girl's nights. I miss them so much and now that one of my Sister Wives is moving to New York it made me happy to have us together.

+The Sawdust Festival
Check it out if you're ever in town this time of year.
Here are some features of my time there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here comes the Too Cute Tuesday.

Featuring special guests Jenny and Caroline, our two favorite Asians!
They are both so small and cute. All I want to do is cuddle with them.

Well today was so sunny and warm and we had to soak up the beautiful, sometimes cancer causing sun rays before committing ourselves to four hours of sitting in a fishbowl of a classroom. 
And you know what sunshine calls for?
Beatles references.
Hence the top photo, although we are not crossing the street I'm pretty sure the street my school is located on is one that you don't really want to cross unless you're fully prepared to get honked at, hit on, or ran over.

But you got the idea.

Here's a few extra photos of happy sunshine that just happens to be growing in my backyard right now thanks to my green-thumb of a roommate Robbie.

Here comes the sun...

Monday, July 18, 2011


Laughter really is the best medicine.
These last two days I am proud to say that I laughed, and I laughed hard.
As sad as it is, I haven't laughed much in the past month.
For once I laughed and was fully enjoying the moment I was in.
And it felt good.
Which gave me a little bit of happiness for a brief second.

But still.
Nothing has made me laugh so hard that tears were streaming down my face like he did.
It was always so easy with him.

Maybe one day I will again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

I thought instead of showing some awkward pictures of myself, I decided to share some awkward family picture moments of others.
I was in a bit of a funk today, and honestly looking up photos like this just lighten my mood instantly. It was so hard to pick which ones to show.
Awkward family photos. 
Google it.
You'll laugh for hours.

+While on family vacation and applying the recommended amount of sunscreen out of the corner of my eye spotted a Peeping Tom from the young teenaged boy in the corner.
I put my sunscreen on behind closed doors the rest of the weekend.

+Busy at work, I rushed past someone a little too close and got a nice graze of their behind.

+While yawning, someone called out, "You're the prettiest tired girl ever."
Thank you?

+Busy at work, I rushed passed the same person AGAIN and this time THEY got a little too close to the woman section. 
Twice in one day.
Really, Life?
My face = red

+Lake Powell
+Nice suntans
+Chocolate Chip Cookies
+Last quarter of school ever!

+My little family

Tue-day is the beginning of my last college quarter EVER!

Yay! Finally!
Too Cute Tuesday.
Although, I am doing a fashion no-no and recently had this outfit for another Too Cute Tuesday.
Don't care.
Eat it, Fashionistas.

Well today was the first day of my last college quarter EVER.
I will be graduating from college in 9 weeks.
You know what that means?
Stress, anxiety, excitement, more stress and more anxiety.
Then I'll start having to look for a real job. 
So advertising world/gods...

I am a free agent after September and I am also willing to relocate wherever life leads me.

I'm young, fresh, exciting, enthusiastic, driven, love copywriting, have great teamwork and building skills, can take criticism constructively, fully open schedule, totally bitchin' and willing to work for any company/individual who happens to feel sorry for my entry level and undergraduate experience. 
my website is here.
Enough said.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Sunshine.

Hello sunshine.
And Hello, Sunday Funday.
 Went down to the pier today before work.
Beach. Bikes.
OH and even though I had a tan, apparently I still got my BURN on.
Seriously, sun?

Every weekend please?

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Soar muscles, sun tan, spider-killing, swimming, wake boarding, cliff jumping, hives, large and insane amounts of good food, bonfire smores, hiking, dinosaur tracks, world's largest natural arch, private swimming canyons, monsoons, 15 people, 2 dogs, body-slams in water, tube-riding, "hearts" and "nines" card games, shooting stars, top of house-boat sleeping, soft serve ice cream, bat catching, charlie horses, tubing in a rain storm, lightening storms, swimmers ear, Fred's laugh after drowning you on the tubes, outside movie nights, fireworks on the water, large amounts of sunscreen, sun-burns, wipe outs, sunsets, aloe vera, lost dog, fly away tubes, bruised nose, nail painting, jumping off the top of the house boat, swimsuit bottom loosing multiple times, jenga competitions, inappropriate comments, fits of laughter, family, old friends, new friends, bathing in the lake, late night swims.

All the makings of a successful Lake Powell trip.
Can't wait until next year.

Family Lake Powell Trip Motto:
"If you don't have scars to bring back, you weren't having enough fun."
Yes, my family believes that the more pain you cause your body on vacations, just means the better trip you had.
That's why vacations to my family have now been renamed kill-cations.