Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Belated Too Cute Tuesday...

Except for this Tuesday it wasn't cute.
I spent my Tuesday working.
So this is what my outfit consisted pair of polyester pants, no slip shoes and an over sized vest.
The complete, utterly embarrassing, necessary pieces to make the perfect "costume" of a Disneyland employee.
You wish you looked this good in parachute pants huh?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Angel's Weekend.

 Well there's one off my Bucket List.
"Going to Angel's Game."

Honestly, I think I really need to go maybe another 2 or 3 more times before I truly fulfill that off my bucket list. So more games are a must.

I was so excited because
1- I had a Friday off from work AND school (yeah hasn't happened....ever.)
2- I haven't gone to an Angels game in 2 years
3- I love baseball games
4- I grew up loving the Angels
5- They were playing the Red Sox....I wanted them killed
(Sorry Angie, although they actually killed the Angels all weekend instead and the Angels suck this season. So then I guess we can both agree that your Red Sox are far more superior to my Angels.)

I took my little girly friends from school Siera and Amy out for one funny girl's night out!
We had a blast eating, yelling at people in our seats, dancing and other such fun things.
*And can we make a mental note of me eating that hot dog.
If anyone knows we well enough they will know that I DO NOT like hot dogs.
I get a craving for them once a year and half way through them I remember why I don't like them.
Well cheerios...I ate the whole thing!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

never make me 
betray my plan

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mad Lib of the day.

Hi I'm Lauren and I still like to do Mad Libs.
Here's one for giggles.


Once Upon a COOKIE, there were three little pigs. The first pig was very AWKWARD, and he built a house for himself out of PICKLES. The second little pig was AWESOME, and he built a house out of BABIES. But the third little pig was very FAT, and he built his house out of genuine TOENAILS.
Well one day, a mean old wolf came along and saw the houses. 
"BOO!" he said.
"I'll DANCE and SURF and I'll blow your house down."
And he blew down the first little pig's ELEPHANT and the second pig's STORIES. The two little pigs ran to the third pig's house.
Thereupon, the wolf began blowing, but he couldn't blow down the third pig's BIKINI house. So he TWISTED off into the forest, and the three little FLUFFY pigs moved to Chicago and went into the sausage business.

*Sometimes I worry about the people that wrote these. I mean look at the ending. Really Mab Lib writers?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Um hi?

Once Upon a Time...

I took a shower thinking I had enough time to get ready before people came over.

People arrived earlier than expected.

Me, right out of the shower still in towel.

I answer door in towel to people whom I thought HAD seen me in a towel before so I wasn't too worried.

Open door.
Hello, the 2 people I was expecting and....

New person.

Hi! I'm Sandy.

Um hi? I'm naked. 

 And now I'm also lobster red. Great.
I'll go put clothes on now.

How. Embarrassing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome....Bunny?

Have you met Duffy?
Well if you haven't let me introduce you to him.
He's white and lavender.
(which totally makes me question if he really is a boy or not)
He has no body or arms or legs.
His head shakes back and forth when I use the pen on the other end.
(sometimes I use him to answer people 'yes' or 'no')
He gives a consist creepy look making we wonder if he's slightly not all there.
Hence the name Duffy.
(seems like a name that someone that's not all there would have)
He makes me get really strange looks from other people when I use him.
And he's extremely awkward, which is why he gets a whole post to himself.

 I received this little booger as a gift for Easter. 
Since I wait tables they thought I would get great use out of it while writing down orders.

The real great use I get out of it is the conversation starters.
Have I told you that everyone from work is obsessed with it, and totally didn't take me seriously when I said I was going to use it all night to take orders.
And oh man do those guests eat that bunny pen up!
Tips please. Thank you!

Once I was talking to some parents about directions around the park.
When I strangely feel like something near my waist line.
I look down and what do I find?
Their little 5 year old daughter making faces and stroking Duffy's head.
 British baby: I like your pen
(in the cutest little British accent)
tired waitress, me: I named him Duffy
British baby:"Duffy!"
(heart melted)

Surprised at what I found I let her play with Duffy.
And then the mother and I had a 5 minute conversation about things we received while in college from our mothers.
Then a fight broke out between the cute 5 year old and her twin sister.
"I want to play with Duffy!"

There's my cue to exit.
I let Duffy babysit for the rest of their meal.
And when they were finished I received the cutest little hand drawn pictures from both of the girls with the help of Duffy.

Which makes Duffy totally awkward and totally awesome at the same time for this Wednesday post.

Can I please have these?

This little missy here just posted these outfits she did for some lookbooks while in California.
And I want everything in these sooooo bad, especially the top one. 
Drooling over that skirt.
Pretty Please?
It's almost my birthday?!?!

PS. If you don't follow Sydney, you should because she is far more interesting and funnier than me. 
Ha Ha.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday finally!

Happy Tuesday cheerios!
So this is what I wore for this Too Cute Tuesday.
Although I will be honest and say that I only wore this outfit for about 10 minutes to go to Target.
Apparently there is a need to dress fancy when going to any Target, because we all know how classy Target is.
I guess it makes up for the trip in my sweats to grocery store last Tuesday. 
Make-up points for me. 
Ha. Ha. Ha Tuesday.

And when I got home I immediately proceeded to change back into my sweats and lay around like it was my job to do so.

Monday, April 18, 2011


 I love weekends.
Have I told you this?
And for the past 5 and half years I have worked every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Even on the most beautiful weekends, I get to watch everyone else participate in average weekend activities.
Then I put myself in an angry fit over it all and it ruins the rest of the day.
Why do I insist on doing this to myself?
Weekends are not in my regular vocabulary and it's quite depressing at times.
And the hopes of having weekends off after I graduate only makes me want to grow up and get a big girl job even more but time apparently isn't moving fast enough for me right now.

This was one of those beautiful weekends, BUT I decided to beat work before it swashed my ultimate weekend dreams.

So I went to the beach on Saturday, because I wanted to!
Take that work! HA!
Although, I did have to leave the beach early to go home and shower before my shift later that afternoon.

I came prepared with my beach essentials: beach chair, towel and blanket. Lathered myself in the heavenly smell of sunscreen, books, magazines, and  iPod!
I had a great sandwich made which went so perfectly well with the fresh strawberries we purchased from the stand on the way to the beach.

It was great.
 Can I have a rerun please?

 AND....I got sunburned.
It hurts to sit on anything at this point in time. Standing is my only option for comfort.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I feel like this kid right now, only exuding pure joy and excitement.

80 degree weather all weekend?
Don't mind if I do!
Let the shenanigans begin!

This was my attempt to look fun and excited.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Jenny

Amy, Jenny, Lo (that's me!), and Siera
Shout out to Baby Jenny who yesterday turned 21!

All us AD girls from the Art Institute of Awesomeness and Other Such Things were super excited because she is the last one out of all of us to turn 21.
And well...she's the little baby of our Advertising family and we all love her so much in her smallness and cuteness.

We went out to Dave & Busters to celebrate with her and some of her other friends.
Jenny had a great time!

Not only did I go from "designated driver" but also received the title of "hair holder."
(I'm sure others could relate to these exact roles)
And Amy went from "party goer" to "in the line of fire woman" for the evening.
We must really love you! Anything for you Miss Lai.
Happy Birthday guuuuurl! Keep it classy!

Small Thoughts on a Thursday.

oh heeelllllo!
Aren't we dapper looking?
Say yes.

Here are my short thoughts for this week:

Who are the other two guys that are part of the Black Eyed Peas?
No really. I don't even know their names or when their voices appear on any part of any of their albums.

Currently I am obsessive about checking the weather.
This time of year you'll never know what you'll find. 62 today and 80 tomorrow.

I like this saying, "You catch more flies with sugar than with water."

Sometimes I feel like we should give people screen tests to guest before they get sat in my section.
It amazes me how stupid the human race is.

Told you it was short.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not- So-Awkward and Awesome Wednesday

I saw this at Spark "home of the mocktails," while in Utah. It was miniature, sat eye-level and was the first thing you met when you walked in.
And I loved it.
And his name would be Gulliver.

Unfortunately, I was not that much of an interesting person this past week.
Lame, and depressing I know.
I am planning on being more awkward with a balanced dose of awesome for next week!

+Walking out to a table at work, arms carrying large trays and other such things and what apron falls front of a guest.
Straight to the floor.
I felt like my pants dropped or something. 
 Although, the guest will only be getting a glimpse of my polyester MC Hammer inspired pants, I feel like they can see right through them and RIGHT to my chonies.
How. Embarrassing.

+Noticing how awkward it is to eat an ice cream cone. 
If only there was an attractive way to eat it but still enjoy the cone.

+Dropped a knife in the trash at work. Looked at it and ignored it.
 Co-worker: Aren't you going to get that?
Me: No.
Co-worker: So are you above getting the knife out of the trash now.
Me: Yup.
Co-worker: So you're not going to get the knife?
Me: Digging in the trash wasn't part of my job description soooo, no. 
Unless you want to put your hand in the trash?
Co-worker: But it's your job.
Me: it's not.
(awkward moment of silence where I continue on with my nonsense and the co-worker puts their hand in the trash and retrieves the knife)

+Pretty pumped about my new idea on how to brand myself for graduation and future job potentials. My mind is a brewin'!
This will be soon to come for all to see and enjoy!
(or at least by finals...because that's when it's due.)

+Getting my head in the game (yes, that was a high school musical reference)

+Baseball season opener for the Angels this past weekend!

+Calling on my inner Martha Stewart by playing with old recipes and creating masterpieces.
2 for 2 so far!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Too Not-So-Cute Tuesday.

Everyone deserves a lazy day or a break.

Today is mine.

My look will consist of PINK shorts, one Hanes t-shirt and a Mr. Man of Mine's sweatshirt.
And I'm not one bit ashamed of it either.

I might even go out in public.
Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear would be horrified.

Monday, April 11, 2011


You can totally start voting for my outfit today.

Look------------------------------------> over there for the link.

Do it now.

Have the case of the Mondays?

Beat them with this little treasure.

I've been quite the boring person this past week and have nothing interesting or embarrassing.
So this is what I will do to amuse you in the mean time.
But I guess my obsession with this little dwarf is somewhat embarrassing, or the fact that I laughed at this is also a little embarrassing as well.

You're Welcome.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

California Bucket List.

get it guuurl.

Well, I am pretty sure I'm moving back to Utah after I graduate in September.
For multiple reasons.
-fresh air (pollution is killing me)
-miss outdoors
-Mr. Man (long distance is EXTREMELY difficult on many levels)
-family (it would be nice to feel like I was part of one every once and awhile)

I've done a lot of soul searching and thinking and I believe that's the best for me.

So in this conclusion that gives me about 6 months before I leave this sunny place. 
You know what that calls for?
A bucket list.
And this is very own California Bucket List. 
(after 6 years and I still have not done any of these things except baseball games)

+Camp on the cliffs of San Onofre
+Getty Museum
+See a taping of Chelsea Lately
+Attempt to surf
+ Watch the Huntington Beach surf contest
+Attend some Angel's baseball game
+Eat at Harbor House
+Ride bike on the beach
+Play beach Volleyball

....and I'll probably add to it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

FACT #10

The 91 freeway is by far thee WORST freeway in Southern California.

I avoid using it at all cost.
Every time I have to use it I can feel my blood boiling while I sit in constant traffic any time of the day, drive over pot holes and trying to get past millions of semi-trucks.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I would love all of these things, and together I would love them even more! 
I think they go well together but all could be used separately to be incorporated in other outfits as well.
Like multifunctional pieces.
And it makes me smile and a little happy thinking of all the wonders I could do with these little babies.
So I'm entering this little post in this competition here.

Imagine all the love I would have for all of these things. 
I'd give them the love they need and a good home to come to at night. 

I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight.
What would you wear if you could put together pieces that you really wanted?

PS. Starting April 11th through to the 15th you can vote for my look here.

Thoughts on this other Thursday.

not winter prepared. is that yellow snow?

baby ruca

he said don't get his hair in the picture....tada!

I am five.

These are the pictures that I actually took from our little hike which is conveniently 5 minutes behind my parents house. 11 years of living there and not once have I hiked it.
Lame I know.
I was not prepared with gear what-so-ever so I gathered things from everyone at my house wardrobe's. So excuse the not anti-Too Cute Tuesday outfit.

Also, not being snow prepared means...Lauren gets snow down her pants at least at one point on the hike by Mr. Man.

Dear Mr. Man,
Thanks, and I will return the favor by credit-carding you in public later.
Love, Lover

I always find it interesting listening to my little brothers talk about all the annoying types of texts that girls send them.
One, why are that many girls texting you?
Two, smiley faces are okay, sometimes. Jeez.

I am still surprised and somewhat bothered with the fact that the Cadbury Egg commercial has not changed over the last 10 years. 
Every year? The same thing? Why?!?!
How many more Easters can I take of that lion with the bunny ears on?
Time for an upgrade Cadbury, get with the program.

Did you know that backstage at Disneyland we have stray cats, that we feed things, and name them things like MOO, and they have kittens.
One time I had seriously thought about fitting one of the kittens into my purse but then didn't want to risk passing security and my bag start to purr.

Pretty much any costume from work that I have in my closet right now, I stole from costuming.
Sorry, only allowed to check out 3 whole outfits at a time. 
I don't know anyone that wants to do that much laundry.

Why is there ALWAYS construction on the freeway? When you think they are finished they figure something else to fix on the SAME freeway. It is the one and only true Never Ending Story.

You know what really grinds my gears? When you start making a note to eat better that you immediately crave a cheeseburger and coke?
Why world why???

Woman asked me to make her hot chocolate with milk. Which seems like such a normal request except for the fact that I work at a restaurant and not at Starbucks.
I'm covered in food, do I look like a barista?
I mean it may be Disney and they are all about acting snobby and classy, but the classiness really involves me pushing a button.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday


little man aka mini Justin Bieber

this is not her child

only one in picture that does NOT have a baby even if some of the others aren't shown.
Here are some pictures from my trip back home. I tend to always bring my camera everywhere but never end up taking pictures. Funny how that works.

+ At the mall not looking where you are walking and walking right into a plant. Jump out of fright, look around and yes, someone saw.
+ Walking into a restaurant, asking for a dessert menu and 5 minutes later an employee telling you that the restaurant is close.
Uh, red face from embarrassment? Check!
Always trying to say two things at once and then end up combining what you were trying to say in the last few words. Sounds much like jibberish.
I do this a LOT.
Mr. Man of Mine would testify and say that I was totally guilty of this.
+ This past week's episode of Grey's Anatomy...the musical? Seriously?
Every time someone started to sing I was quite embarrassed for them.
Why is everyone trying to be Glee?
Let Glee be Glee.
And just stick to what you know, being that night time soap opera that I love and is full of ridiculousness and unrealistic doses of drama.

+Date nights with Mr. Man of Mine
+Feeling like I'm home
+Shopping with Mom especially since she doesn't like shopping
+Spring Break
+Cookies and Cakes balls....bahbah immature moment

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday lonesome!

Too Cute Tuesday Bratz doll style!
Doesn't it look like it?
Apologizes for my translucent skin. It is only April, okay.
A lone wolf today, and every Tuesday because I don't have classes on Tuesdays this quarter. 
So this is my attempt of taking my outfit pictures today by myself. 
Baha, not fooling anyone Lauren
But I will still keep the traditions and I hope my girlies do too.
Let's take a look at my other attempts of taking my own outfit pictures.

The end. Enjoy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A month in review

Trying to stay in the positive light even though my mood still drags onto today. 
Here are the things I was thankful for in March. Bring on April!

2 Family & others
3 Chips & guac
4 People who are awesome and tip well
5 My Daddio
6 Girl Scout Cookie season
7 Relaxation & catching up on my TiVo
8 Cute shoes
9 Amy Delgrande
10 New places to eat at
11 Girl's night
12 When work sucks but you have fun with it & falling asleep instantly
13 Loving the number 2, the actual number
14 The weather
15 In-N-Out sometimes
16 Relief over school and future schedule
17 Cathing up with old friends & new running shoes
18 The people I see on my daily runs 
My little morning treats.
19 Girl talk
20 Sleep & raisin toast
21 Getting stuff done & final final finished
22 Fun, Friends, Food
23 Soup & compliments
24 Days off
25 Doing the right thing
26 Feeling home
27 Mr. Man of Mine...again
28 Brothers
29 Date night
30 Laughing
31 Sugar

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Had to leave Utah today.

My heart breaks a little every time I do.

And it takes me about a week to get out of this funk where I don't feel like I'm going to cry at least once or twice a day about it.

Current Mood= Upset

Goal= Feel Better