Thursday, January 14, 2010

Word on the Wasatch front

Well these last few days there has been a hot topic gathering around the Tommy Pastrami tables in Costa Mesa. What's it all about? While on one of my trips to Utah I found out from some friends that there has been this event that has been spreading all over the Wasatch front. All the Utah kids are doing it. It's called Floating. And if you ask's ridic! It's Utah's way of having the deed....but them saying they're not doing the deed. If you need details just ask, I'll love to insight you on the craziness. Let's just's insane! As I was explaining to my Cali friends they all agreed on how outrageous this matter is I couldn't believe what I heard. Hey kiddos, it's still the deed! Are you kidding me?!?! I guess I'll be talking to my younger brothers about that.....bad news bears.

Ps. Does anyone want to float with me? Ha ha ha ha okay I'm done.


  1. Dude lauren! I've totally heard about "floating". Maybe I heard it from's messed up! One of the girls at my work said that she did it and said that it wasn't doing it. I just looked at her like "what the..."?

  2. ok... so i don't know what this means... someone explain to me... man i feel like i'm like an old married woman or something....

  3. i would totally float with you gurrrr