Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh for the love of Cotas!

I am a proud MexiFin (Mexican and Finnish decent)

And I just have the cutest little Mexican grandparents. 
They love to talk at the same time and struggle to be heard more than the other, so my attention gets drawn in 2 directions and sometimes 5 depending on my 92 year old grandpa's senile tendencies.

For my editing final we were asked to create a short documentary about anything we wanted.
I decided to film and edit together a segment with my grandparents and their views and advice on marriage.

I am so happy with the way this video turned out and I am so glad that I will forever have this little piece of remembering them together forever.

Meet the Cotas.

Thursday Thoughts

All my friends have babies or having more and when did this happen?

I wonder how many family albums I happen to be in because I work at Disneyland?
I mean I'm around parents snapping pictures all the time. I wonder how many of them I'm that random person in the back looking alert, or in a hurry with a tray or massive amounts of food plates in my hands. After 5 and half years of working there I wonder what the number would be. 
I feel like Kim Kardashian, a celebrity but for no apparent or real reason at all.

Here's an example. This was 4 years ago, I'm the one in the middle with pretty much my whole crotchel area in line with the little girl's face the whole time. Sick. But I will forever be apart of this family's home video tape storage.

and a Happy Birthday to you Sera 
Love, server with crotch in your birthday video.

I've decided that even though high school was, well high school. And my friends and myself thought we were the coolest people in school even though we weren't. And I kind of grew up in Utah where we made our own fun and did stupid things that make me laugh now....
things like:
throwing spaghetti at people's cars
tormenting the crazy lady
driving around with paper bags on our heads
making muddy buddies and going to lagoon
answering people back for dances that have already passed and they probably had a date for
soaping random cars
chasing after deer
feeding the biology teacher's bird q-tips or the turtles skittles
wrestling in pounds of noodles
played fugitive at all hours of the night
mooning people at the major make out points
I wouldn't take any of it back.
What can you say you did?

I miss home.

I also miss Oregon Trail.
I remember finishing my typing exercises super quick in elementary school so I could use my extra time to ride myself and my virtual pioneer family out west.
Where I would place my oxen on fast but on the computer would still seem like they were still going the slowest pace ever.
And risking the chance of my wagon wheel coming off delaying me 3 days where Johnny would then get bitten by a rattlesnake and would later die and that horrible tombstone would come with the dark and scary music.
And we'd come across a river and we'd have to loose 2 bags of food and one of the ox would then die too. And when I made it I was the only one left in my pioneer family as a lonesome 8 year old to fend by myself. But at least I made it and in half the time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday and that means today is awkward and awesome!

One, I love my family dog Shelia. She seriously knows how to melt any heart especially mine. And she never refuses love, which is the best part because I am quite needy.
Two, my feet were freezing in the Utah cold and I didn't want to change out of my slipper socks so I went for the sock with flats Asian look.

+At Souplantation seeing a woman load up 2 plate fulls of chocolate chip cookie bites and go back to her seat to share....with no one. And went back for seconds...what if I wanted some?
+At the student portfolio show one of the valet boys was growing his own baby Jedi braid. 
The force must be with him.
+Eating a big of bite of broccoli and it deciding to getting caught in your throat and not move.
Almost accidental death by broccoli.
+At the grocery store when feeling what felt like a bug on my leg, look down and find a small Mexican baby girl looking up at me while rubbing her little hand up and down my leg.
Uh... no words really and sorry I didn't shave?
Hopefully she didn't cut her hand.
+Trying to put on eye makeup when your eyes are dilated. Let's just say I got my more on my face then actually on my eyes. 
Mimi from Drew Carey Show, I am now her sibling.
+This conversation I had with our server at lunch today:
 Me: Do you have balsamic vinaigrette?
Confused: No, we have honey mustard.
Me: Do you have Italian?
Confused: Yes, we have lemon herb and raspberry vinaigrette, fat free.
Me: What else do you have?
Confused: The honey mustard.
Me: Oh. Um then....
Confused: We also have ranch, blue cheese....etc.
(enough said)

+Being home...warm fuzzy feelings for the cold weather.
+Meetings with old girlfriends.
+I secretly enjoy it when people from school mistake me and my friends for fashion students.
Oh stop! But keep it coming!
+Spending much needed time with Mr. Man of Mine
+Shopping with the Mother, especially since she doesn't like to that often
+Taco Amigo (over priced burgers but tradition and still delicious)
Yes, You may find it disturbing that I get burgers at a taco place, but they are so good! And so are their fries, and fry sauce people! California doesn't serve fry sauce with every meal like Utah does okay!
+Real Mountains with Snow! California, your mountains are not mountains and  they totally suck.
+Alyssa forgetting to get a ticket to park so the arm goes up, deciding to go for it and the arm coming down on her car instead. Died of laughter! And so did the car behind us.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday Family Edition!

Isn't my baby brother just so cute on this Too Cute Tuesday!
Other brother aka: little brother (who happens to be 6'3") was out playing a good old game of baseball. He's going to the Major Leagues I'm almost positive.
Well I'm home for spring break and thus had to show us in our natural environment.
Extreme cold.
Yes there is no snow as of now, but it's still freezing.
And knowing Utah it's sunny right now and in 5 minutes you could call me a liar and it would be snowing. 
Yup, that's home for you.
I have missed you home.

Well I forced my brother to pose for everyone in our not so pretty back yard. 
I guess it makes us look rugged? 
Okay probably not.

Hope you all looked so cute!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In utah.

And I forgot how cold it March.

California, you have made me a wuss.

Friday, March 25, 2011

More to add to the list...

of pictures that strangers took, but weren't able to take them well at all.

handing camera over = stranger danger

*apparently cutting off legs is necessary in order to get the perfect picture of the sky

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thoughts on THIS Thursday.

Move over Hannah Montana cause the next tween star has arrived, and Siera looks like the Tomboy friend that all of them have in their shows.
(not that you are one Siera)
Don't I look like I could star in one of these shows?
Just say yes.

I believe that people sometimes do look like their dogs.

Sometimes cars that look like they are smiling scare me a little. 
So now my car when I'm tailgating you makes it look like I'm that much more of a brat. 

 I wear slipper socks sometimes as my regular socks under my shoes because... I like to.
Don't judge.

Can someone just give me a book deal and my own TV show like Chelsea Lately already?

When I pass people when I run, I wonder if they ever look at my butt. 
 Unfortunately all they will find is a nice picture of my massive wedgie.
Then I laugh.
You're welcome.

I amaze myself sometimes how fast I can text. I should be ridiculous and sign up for one of those contest and win money so at least fast texting would actually be a trait worth having.

I decided that if I was homeless and ever got money from people on the side of the highway, I would eat at Souplantation all the time. I mean all you can eat soup and salad....yes please! And take some for the road.

What a dog's life, everyday I just watch my roommate's dog move from sleeping on one couch to the other. 
Can we switch and you design an advertising campaign instead and I'll sleep all day?

It really bothers me that Justin Bieber is advertising for Proactiv, because they chose the one teenager that doesn't really have acne. Great marketing ploy, but I'm not buying it.
I'm pretty sure any celebrity that has become the spokesperson for them really hasn't had acne.
Katy Perry? P diddy?

Saturday I'm leaving for Utah for a whole week! In 3 days! No school and no work!
And excited for the 3 things I'm going to see while I'm there:
and Mr. Man of Mine
Can anyone tell I'm homesick?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome day!

More evidence as to why strangers CANNOT take pictures.
Hence the extra head space.
What does extra head space mean?
Thought bubbles.
How thoughtful of this fellow right?
I mean I get to add in my own commentary to my little picture here.

+Forgetting to shave your legs when getting help with new running shoes, and then having your hairy legs exposed to the woman helping put shoes on your feet.
Didn't expect Woolly Mammoth under these skinny legs did ya?
+ When you find a place that not only sells donuts but Chinese cuisine as well.
Uh gross?
+When your TV is so old that the format for programs no longer fit your television screen, cutting off the images, and the fact that it can be still considered a "box"
Maybe time for a new one.
+Chris brown pulled a Sisqo...blond hair
Thong song remix?
+When OLDER women wear spandex of rainbow color and wake up deciding that it was a flattering look for them.
+When it smells in public and you don't know if it was the old man to your right, toddler to the front or your friend beside you.
+When cute babies come out of weird looking people

+ I grew one inch, now 5'5" and hopefully all in my legs. My torso doesn't need anything more.
+No homework stress
+Catching up on sleep
+Churros, the combination of cinnamon and sugar is quite divine.
+Leaving for Utah in 4 days! 
+Thunderstorms that wake you up in the middle of the night
+Last final today
+One week free of school and work

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday done Disney style!

Yay for friends and Tuesdays and fun!
So we headed on down to Disneyland for our day off from finals. 
It's was a blast. 
Acting like 8 year olds = priceless

So here are the highlights from our little day away.

P.S. We only rode two rides the whole day.
It was ridiculously busy.
But it was still great.
Note to self...You do NOT like crowds.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Reasons why I am turning into my mother...

Besides having the same interest in exotic sunglasses, we are starting to have more in common now that I'm getting older. 
I feel like more than ever I am slowly more and more like my mother.
And these are the reasons why I believe I am now my mother.

1- Well let's get the obvious over with. I pretty much could act as my mother's stunt double. 
(which is quite funny because when I was a youngin' everyone thought she was my nanny.)

2- I drink massive amounts of liquids. Almost ridiculous for the human body, which then results in me going to the bathroom a lot.

3- I like to knit. And she likes to knit baby clothes for me....except there are no grand babies coming ANY time soon.

4- I talk a lot with my hands.

5- I am starting to use sayings like "pot calling the kettle black," and many others under that category

and I'm sure there are more in the mix or up and coming. I guess time will only tell.
But it's never a bad thing okay. My mother is quite the funny lady.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


That I have one butt cheek that is bigger than the other.

I checked.

How did this happen to me?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Isn't she just too cute!

How could you not be friends with this girl?
And she is totally awesome. And not awkward.
But let's me take awkward pictures of her but she makes them somewhat not awkward like the ones above.
So that's why she gets a post on a Friday because Friday is awesome and far from awkward.

I thought I'd post about this little lovie because she is a life-saver.
She really has helped me grow more artistically and is always there to help me with any school project.
Which makes her extremely patient and knows the best way to be honest and criticize.
I guess she's just the most unselfish person and a great friend.
You go Siera Josephine, You go!

You should meet her, but in this case read about her here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts on this Fine Thursday.

So I like to post pictures that have nothing to do with anything but I like to pretend like I am somewhat of a photographer.
You can laugh now.
But I'll still post them anyways.

I am still baffled that they still make new season of Degrassi? Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

I'm a little disturbed slash annoyed that every tween TV show star MUST come out and record an album.
Wasn't Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana enough?

If polygamy was legal I would marry my Steve Madden boots.

What does Santa get for Christmas?

There are more fake flamingos in the world than there are real ones. This is horrifying knowing that people go into the store on purpose for those things.
Oh I really need a fake flamingo to accent my front yard.

Natalie Portman. I love her, but when did she find time to be in every movie that has come out in the last 5 months? Enough woman! You're confusing me!

I could use a hug and kiss from Mr. Man right about now. Missing him. Week and a half!

If I could wish for anything it would be that cookies were healthy for you.
Can we just add them as part of the food pyramid...and as the main food group.
Please. And thank you.

I laugh every time I go into a public restroom and read that the locks for the stall are called Hiny Hiders
So mature.

Fancy for finals! Next week needs to be over now, going a little crazy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Awkward and know what day it is!

Hey Hey Hey lovies. 
It's awkward, it's awesome, it's Wednesday!
So the pictures above are, well weird slash somewhat embarrassing. Especially since I took them at school and other people in the class were watching me take these.
The last photo was supposed to be my hair update. But I cheated...
did I have you fooled?
It's okay if I didn't.

+Teacher (the one I drew a picture of) wears his headphones in class, and drinks a lot of water. What he doesn't know is that he burps extremely loud when he does and we all get to hear it.
+Experimented with a spray tan and looking like I spent the night in the Jersey Shore and was then kidnapped by Snookie.
Let's just say my body has never been that color in real life....ever.
+When a table tries to be funny, but they aren't actually that funny and then they like to make fun of my reaction to their non-funny joke. Then me sitting there with a tray in hand and a blank face and not knowing whether to leave or just keep standing there.
uuhhhh...can I leave the table now? Was this awful joke supposed to be over yet?
+Having a face that not only works as part of my head but as my own personal mood ring. Changes color depending on my mood. Except mine just turns different shades of red.
Embarrassed = lobster red
Laugh a little hard = light red
Warm = pink nose and cheeks
+Lord of the Dance movie?
+Laughing like Mickey Mouse...accidentally.
+Woman who wore a men's extra large button up shirt to a nice dinner. Not knowing one, that it is totally see through and two, that she's just way too old to be wearing that.
Loose your appetite little...Um, I didn't order Nips and Salsa!
 (this moment was requested to be guest blogged by Alina Padilla: teach, lead, and all around girly girl)

+School schedule just got lighter for next two quarters. Woot Woot!
+Experiencing Souplantation for the first time
+Finals are coming! One more quarter down baby!
+Overheard a table intensely talking about Sister Wives, and it took all of me to not speak up and say something.
+Cold cereal is always a plastic 2 am.
Yes I did that. I was already in bed too.
+Honey Nut Chex
+I think I'm catching the creative bug. I hope it lasts until I graduate.
Pretty pleeeease.
+Never having to buy blush because my face is naturally red
+Having ANOTHER pen explode on me...but in my hands this time (this is awesome only in sarcasmland) 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Cute Tuesday

Yay! Sorry about the picture quality it was taken with a cellphone.
Feel awkward about this picture?
Probably because Lauren Ashley was not able to participate in Too Cute Tuesday this week, and we are quite sad about it. I mean Siera needs her Lauren sandwich.

Hope you little cheerios dressed cute today!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday, why not right?

When I am elderly I refuse to ever buy a Buick.

I find myself watching reruns of Beverly Ever After and any show that has the word Housewives in it multiple times even though I have them recorded already.
Ridiculous I know.

Call me Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella because if you asked me to get their autograph for you this probably means that I went back in the kitchen and did it myself. 
I make dreams come true.

One time I told a little girl that Mickey made her Mac N' Cheese and she told me to tell him it was the best mac n' cheese she's ever had in her entire life.
And double checked that I told him.
I used to tell people that the lobster claw in the cioppino was what was left of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, even if he was a crab.

I'm probably that person that tailgates you.

Do parents know if their babies aren't cute to the general public but refuse to agree with them?

One time I slipped on a lemon and landed in the splits. It's like I meant to do it but reality I was so glad I didn't pull a muscle.

I went to a Mexican food restaurant and they served sweet bread and butter instead of chips and salsa.
Yeah, my mouth dropped too.

Do people still use AOL?

I miss Mr. Man of Mine. :(

And I'm very thankful for my little cheerios (ad girls). I'm just so glad we all get along so well. Lunch dates!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pulling a Siera.

So Siera does this thing were she posts funny Facebook posts. Well this one for some reason got my giggle strings. Whether this is really funny or not I am tired thus leading to unstoppable fits of unnecessary laughter.

Dear Miguel, You are hilarious.
and we need to keep being friends.

Love, Lo

Awkward and Awesome Safari

Apparently, I like to sit on fabricated plush animals and take pictures of me riding them.
See I once tried to ride my roommate's dog and take a picture but Wyatt didn't like it so much and was then never documented.
This picture was when I went to New York last year for my birthday. I found it awkward and funny and made me want to visit again. 
I love you New York more than those t-shirts say.

Anyways, too the goods. (sorry this week was crazy busy so not too much to report on the awkward or awesome part.)

+Getting into your car and it smelling like a mixture of peanut butter/chocolate and flowers. 
Where are you coming from smell?
+On your way to work and having a pen explode on you while you're driving. Get to work and it looks like my apron was stabbed.
Cause of death: Death by pen.
RIP apron #324321
+Being a witness of an OCTA driver full on digging for treasure or searching for bats in the cave, whichever you prefer. Him noticing me and just has at it anyways.
You think my awful face would have triggered something in his head.
+The picture Siera showed me of Chris Brown and I was not prepared. 
My reaction was much like that of a 13 year old girl.
+Stepped down from a railing outside at work and having a heavy metal chair break my fall. I kind of just slid down the thing like a slip and slide. 
As evidence of my clumsiness, this embarassing act as left a gigantic bruise down my leg. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those that turn every color under the sun before it's gone.
+My eyebrow from the poor Eyebrow Fiasco of 2010  still grows back weird now. Call me Quasimota (female spelling of Quasimoto).

+Girl Scout cookies, those little children sure know how to get to my sweet tooth.
Little devils.
Can't you get a badge in something else? You're killing me smalls.
+Having Father in town this weekend. I missed him.
(I do call him "Father", and he calls me "Offspring")
+Having cute new sleepwear, taking beauty sleep to the max people.
+Discovering how delicious bread pudding tastes.
+Going home to OOOOtah in 2 and a half weeks!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On a roll...Too Cute Tuesday

Man we are getting good at this...let's keep it coming.
Or like Siera would say
"start a Too Cute Tuesday revolution!"
She does get that excited about it people.
Why not?
Get Excited!!! Looking cute should be fun!
Kind of like how we took this awkward picture. None of what we are doing makes sense, but it looks like we are having fun.

The end.
Happy Too Cute Tuesday little lovies!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't you love...

it when little mistakes or mix-ups end up turning into little treasures instead.
It's great right?

This cowl scarf you see here was meant for my mother for...Christmas.
But the planner than I am I made this one so far in advance JUST incase I messed up and had time to make another for her.
Well guess what?
I messed up.
 I totally made this cowl scarf wrong from the beginning and didn't notice it until half way through it all. So of course I refused to give it to my mother (expert knitter). 
I mean you know moms and women, we know when everything is wrong.
But because of my mistake it does this weird twisting thing, which is actually kind of cool. So now it has become this little creative treasure of mine and I wear it with it's mistakes and all.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


After working in a restaurant for 5 and a half years,
I know exactly how I DON'T want my kids to act.
I do not find it necessary for every item that was once on the table needs to now be best friends with the floor, that the carpeted ground does not make a good bed for clean children, and crying and bratty attitudes only makes everyone else hate you and your child that much more.
Would you like some cheese with that whine?

and also know that everything you need to know to survive in life you'll learn as a waitress. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Did you know?

That my stomach just smiled.
Homemade oreos that were mentioned on this little lovie's blog.
I don't even know her, and yet she knows me so well.
She gives the recipe here.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?
Feeding my face. 
Resulting in a black ring around my mouth and washing it down with a milk mustache.
Oooooh yeah baby.

Friday, March 4, 2011

There are a few things I am obsessed with.

+Fat animals and babies
+Audrey Hepburn
+Peanut Butter
and now....
This lady. 
Love her voice. 
Yes Ma'am.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

This is what we go to Art School for.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Strangers are not physically able to take GOOD pictures.

I think I'm going to start a photo album of all the awful pictures that strangers have taken when I had asked them to help me out.
(PS. the button is always on the top right.)
First picture will be:
Apparently Mr. Man and I are the holiest couple ever.
  May the peace be with you my friends.

Awkward and Awesome Middle of the Weekness!

Hi! I'm Lo and it's a "Mariah Carey" hair day today. It's been awhile, but been missed.
Woooo Hoo! Let's get to it Cheerios!

+When getting your nails done and the lady massaging your arm keeps accidentally bumping her who-has into your free hand.
+When you've over estimated a possible step coming up or down the stairs and either look like your taking the most dramatic step of your life or that you just sprained your ankle from falling on your own weight so suddenly.
+Your face gets so numb that you have no clue that a line of snot is running down your face. Turn to your significant other and they look in horror, "Uh your nose is running." 
+Getting us lost but boldly stating that I am totally right in which direction we were going.
+Bridal shop measurements for my bridesmaid dress. 
Measure my chest and I am a recommended 00. 
How nice of someone. So instead of saying I'm a -1, they invented the 00, which conveniently resembles your chest if you are that size...or bum for that matter...
two flat pancakes.
+My whole experience at the Los Angeles Greyhound station. blah.

+Demonstrating my expected mad wedding dance skills while singing Little Richard's, "Tootie Fruity"
It's my current jam these days
+Siera brought me a present! And a good one.
+92 yr old Mexican G-pa
me: how old where you when you two met?
G-ma: 24 and 15.
G-pa: I really robbed that cradle.
+ Kara's Cupcakes, coconut one to be exact!
+Best weekend in the world!
+Mr. Man of Mine, he is awesome. Even if he's embarrassed by me all the time because I get us lost, and I have a running nose, and I dance in elevators to Little Richard.
This is when we were freezing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hooray for Too Cute Tuesdays!

Hip-hip Hooray! It's Too Cute Tuesday!
At the Art Institute of Awesomeness for Advertising we like to do things BIG. 
We're a loud and crazy bunch and we don't like to do things the way everyone else would. 
Normal pictures....boring.
So here we decided to master the art of jumping pictures.
Why are we just the most excited clan ever?
It's the first day of March that's why!
You know what March means? March means that spring is coming and spring brings in the great skirt, t-shirt, short and sandal loving weather!

I believe our photo shoot was a success!
Not to mention our guest star Miguel decided to join us because he was looking quite dapper today and also the night before he had stopped us in the hallway and said that he had to be part of Too Cute Tuesdays this week because he was going to look fly for a class that day.
And does he ever!
And might I ad that he just might as well be classified as a jumping picture expert, if there was a title like that that existed because in all of the pictures in the air he looks so perfect.
Like he's practiced in his bedroom many times before. 
I think the bottom right picture of him says,
OH hello, I'm Miguel and I'm just chilling here a foot off the ground like it's no body's business. Look at these fools next to me.