Sunday, December 16, 2012


Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope everyone has been great. This holiday season has been quite different. My parents' house right now is kind of lacking the Christmas cheer due to the minimal decorations we are able to put up. The parents are having to be out of their house 3 days after Christmas, and going all out just didn't make sense. Ta-Da! Let's see how that goes.Thank goodness my parents' tree come with pre-lit lights or this house would just be depressing.

Although the house is lacking Christmas cheer, I'm still attending Christmas parties, shopping, helping make Christmas cookies. 

Is it just me or has December gone by so fast? Holy Cow!

One minute I'm stuffing my face with turkey and pushing through the Black Friday crowds and now I'm less than two weeks away from Christmas day. What the heck?

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm proud to say that this was my first Thanksgiving I had off and was able to really sit down when everyone else was eating in 7 years. This is no exaggeration. It's completely true, as sad as it may seem. That's what happens when you work at the supposedly "Happiest Place on Earth" that is conveniently opened 365 days a year. 

Oh! I'm going to be an Auntie on December 28th. Okay, not a blood-related Auntie, but close enough. Kat, my dearest sister wife is going to have Baby Addison that day! I'm sad I can't be there, but I'm sure I'll get to meet her one day. And I'll Skype her and Face Time her once I get my handy iPhone.

I also forgot to take any pictures at my work Christmas party, which was casino night themed and dinner. Ben and I got to dress up and ate a nice dinner, play games with no actual money to lose. Pretty sure any time I put chips down on the table, the dealer would say something like, "Oh, you don't want to put your money there, you want to put it here." Good thing I really wasn't in Vegas.

Well, this post is all over the place. For a moment I was going to do a Too Cute Tuesday post, and then I forgot to take a picture. Oops. So disappointing. Anyways, Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. Your casino themed party sounds so fun! I'm furious you didn't take pics. I'm sure you two looked totally dapper though!