Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm a bit behind but two weekends ago, I went with the fam to my cousin's wedding in Colorado.

Here's only a few things that you need to know to about this trip.

-Spent 10 hours of delays at the airport for a 50 minute flight.
-It was 60 degrees and no snow in sight the entire trip. It was dreamy.

-My extended family got a full dose of my ridiculousness.

-I will dance with ANYONE. 
Only old man in the bar wearing a neon shirt that stated "Warning: High Levels of Awesomeness" was my dance partner for about 30 minutes.

ex. one time in Vegas I danced with a guy in his 50s wearing earplugs in a club.

-Confession: When I'm in crowded bars I love pinching guys' butts (ones without ladies, of course) and then watching them look to see who did it.

-Toured a haunted castle.

- Ate my weight in Rocky Mountain chocolate.

-Saw a lot of people smoking weed on the street.
This is a lie.

-After going out with the cousins, I took a taxi back to my hotel. After about 15 minutes talking to my taxi driver with the strategically placed tear-drop tattoo below his left eye; he told me he could tell I was a good person.
How comforting.

-During the bouquet toss at the wedding the bride had all married and taken women up there also or else there would have been 4 of us single ladies on the floor. 
Story of my life.
Dodged running into another one of these moments. Oh, but don't worry they still chanted my name to catch it.

-Took 7 hours of delays at the airport to get back home for a 50 minute flight.

-I'm still working on my record of how many wedding photos I can ruin. 
Still recovering from this one.

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