Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here's an awkward Wednesday moment...finally!

Last night, I took a boot camp class with a couple of adorable girls from work.

We immediately had to partner up.

I ended up with...lets call him High-Five Jeff.

At first I was pumped by High-Five Jeff's enthusiasm, until the high-fives after every sprint got old and he said, "I thought about spanking you, but I didn't know if we were at that point yet."

Did a stranger just say he was going to spank me? Did you read that right? 
Yes, yes you did.

I obviously and clearly said, " We are not, Jeff."

Lets not forget to mention as the night went on the more high-fives I gave High-Five Jeff the longer he progressed to hold my hand after the high-five.

Our high-fives lingered too long, so they are automatically deemed awkward and went slightly past awkward and into creepy.

Way to creep, High-Five Jeff. Way to creep.

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  1. ready for even more creepy? i have someone that wants to take you on a date. this weekend. i know we don't really know each other, but i blog stalk you so i think that means i'm pretty safe. a few months ago my husbands friend was asking me to get him a date for the next time he was in town. he comes into town this weekend and totally wants to take you out. i tried finding you on fb, so he could just add you and ask you himself but no luck. any who, if are interested just email me.