Sunday, February 2, 2014

OH hi.

I've missed you, but you really haven't missed much.

Besides me moving back into my parents for a few months, me crying about it, remembering how sharing a bathroom with your 20 year old brother is gross, doing (3) people's worth of work at my job right now, going to my 3rd baby shower this past month, having mood swings about wanting to chop off my hair, stressing about getting my address changed,  and I need an oil change and my taxes done.

There really hasn't been much.

But here are some random pictures that don't relate to each other what-so-ever.

 3 gays, 1 girl, on a crowded bus eventually turned into 6 gays, a girl, and a pizza place.

 It's yours.


 missing Erica so much right now.

 purse candy and purse gum unite to make one super purse item

Snap chats that make me happy and loved

Hunger games reference

PS. did you know that there is a whole circle of  gay bars downtown named "the fruit loop"?

Well, now you do.

Don't leave me, because you think I'm boring. 
I'm thinking probably good things should be coming soon.


  1. Dude, is that gum good? I saw it at Target and I had really mixed feelings about it. And when I tried to talk to the cashier about how weird I felt about it she didn't seem to share my interest on that subject.. soo.... I'm still wondering about it.

  2. I love you! And I am stressing so much about doing my taxes. BLAH I hate it. And the photo about missing me is my favorite. Love you xoxoxo