101 in 1001

(end date June 2016) 
1.     Ride a horse
2.     Have a dinner party
3.     Send 10 spontaneous cards 3/10
4.     Go outside of the country
5.     Go to Hawaii again
6.     Write a book
7.     Go see Ballet West perform
8.     Try skiing again January 2014
9.     Float the Weber
10.  Go on 3 new hikes 3/3
11.  Run a marathon
12.  Buy a new bed spread May 2014
13.  Buy one nice work appropriate outfit
14.  Buy a nice pair of heels  June 2014
15.  get a plant for my apartment (don’t let it die) June 2014
16.  get fresh flowers 5 times 3/5
17.  get one decoration for my work desk
18.  buy 2 random printed artwork
19.  build a gallery wall
20.  run Ragnar
21.  get a chair for the office
22.  send flowers to my grandmas on their birthdays
23.  go fishing
24.  go to High Tea
25.  wear the Subman Costume April 2014
26.  try a deep fried Oreo
27.  take an art class
28.  read Catcher in the Rye
29.  read 3 books from the TSG reading list
30.  go without soda for a 1 month
31.  learn to bake a pie from scratch November 2013
32.  try 5 new recipes 3/5
33.  go paint balling
34.  learn how to fold an origami crane March 2014
35.  take a dance class
36.  be the first to ask a question in a professional discussion
37.  read The Great Gatsby
38.  learn to dive
39.  try an ethnic food I’ve never had before December 2013
40.  kiss a stranger November 2013
41.  crash a wedding
42.  buy someone else’s meal or drink
43.  get a cooking apron
44.  (a unmentionable item) 3/3 finished January 2014
45.  give a stranger a compliment
46.  send Christmas cards
47.  make a new friend a day
48.  perfect the fish tail braid
49.  see my brother in Chicago/Erica too June 2014
50.  visit Disneyland again
51.  surprise my friends in California September 2014
52.  get another tattoo (sorry, mom)
53.  meditate 10 min before I go to work
54.  try lobster
55.  try crab
56.  go on a blind date September 2013
57.  get an unlimited monthly pass to bikram (and use it)
58.  try The Bar Method work out April 2014
59.  credit card someone May 2014
60.  buy patio lights for my balcony May 2014
61.  get a raise November 2013
62.  find the perfect pair of cowboy boots
63.  get together with my 2 closest girlfriends September 2013 Kat and Allie in Salt Lake City
64.  try to catch “the bouquet” at a wedding
65.  slow dance with someone
66.  watch “Practical Magic” while drinking margaritas October 2013
67.  get a coffee maker February 2014
68.  wear my lipstick September 2013
69.  get my first Christmas tree (and don't let that die too) December 2013
70.  try Eggs Benedict November 2013
71.  frame my favorite picture January 2014
72.  make someone laugh so hard they cry
73.  give a guy my number as 867-5309 (I got yo number on the wall) 1st attempt: September 2013, 2nd complete: July 2014
74. break a bad habit
75. Go to a University of Utah Football game October 2013
76. Start a bar cart
77. visit niece Addison for her 1st birthday December 2013
78. go wine tasting
79. Find the perfect one piece swim suit
80. go on a spontaneous road trip July 2014
81. Climb Angel's Landing in Zions National Park
82. Try rock climbing
83. Get a digital SLR
84. Ride a motorcycle
85. play beer pong for the first time  December 2013
86. Kiss someone on New Years Eve January 2014
87. Try out for Jazz Dancer June 2014
88. Buy a scooter 
89. Try snowshoeing
90. Go to dinner alone September 2014
91. Get my passport
92. Get a bike June 2014
93. Learn all the words to my karaoke song 
94. Spend all day in bed

56.  go on a blind date September 2013
The first thing everyone knows about blind dates is that they are super awkward. Talking about them, setting the up, and during the actual date. And let's cut to the chance, it totally was. And it slightly made me feel bad for our kind, knowing that such awful people live in this world. Either way, I went out of my comfort zone and put myself out there. 
What do they say? Gotta get back up on the horse.
I would have preferred to mount (ah! awkward but yet so inappropriate so I kind of still like it) a different horse.
Dating is hard, guys. 

63.  get together with my 2 closest girlfriends September 2013 Kat and Allie in Salt Lake City
 The only thing I will ever thank Disneyland for at my time there, was meeting these two special ladies. My Sisterwives/Best Friends came to Salt Lake City to visit me and I couldn't have been a happier lady. They are my sisters and the only two people in my life so far that I know we'll be friends for the rest of our lives. I've missed these ladies so much. I believe it's been about a year since the three of us had gotten together. It's so amazing to know that even though we are all in different states, in different stages of life, when we get together it always goes back to how it was with us. The Triplets.

68.  wear my lipstick September 2013
I am a woman. Because now wear lipstick with the rest of the put-together-women out there. Maybe, I feel more comfortable with it, because I'm older? Something a 26 year old should be wearing. To be woman-like? Right? Anyways, I'm getting comfortable with my shades and learning when and what to wear it with. They are totally growing on me. Cheers to be being a lady/woman/i-don't-know-where-I-fit-in! 

73.  give a guy my number as 867-5309 (I got yo number on the wall) 1st attempt: September 2013
Well, I put first attempt, because the goal is to give my number out like this and not have them notice. So I only got through half of the step, and then he noticed. I was hoping that his beer goggles would prevent him from realizing what I had just done. Nope, I was wrong. He totally noticed. 
I will succeed. 

32. Try 5 new recipes 1/5
White Chicken Chili/Soup
I found this recipe on Pinterest, and as the cooler weather comes in this recipe is perfect. And not to mention SUPER EASY. I mean, I'm no cook and I could make this taste good. Seriously, there are 5 ingredients. You can find the recipe here. Although, I recommend using 1/2 the chicken broth they recommend if you want a more chili consistency and 5 cups of you want a more soupy. I even tried to get it to reduce, and it didn't do much with the full 6 cups.
66. Watch "Practical Magic" while drinking margaritas October 2013
If you have never seen "Practical Magic" then you won't get the significance of the margaritas. Well my dear friend Erica has never seen that movie. And myself and Julia felt like we needed to ring in October with the movie and some good old margaritas. I recommend the combination.
75. Go to a University of Utah football game October 2013
 My oldest and dearest Anna and her husband are season ticket holders to all the University of Utah football games. Since moving up to Salt Lake I've literally moved from BYU central to U central. And I love it. Anna was nice enough to give me her husband's ticket one night and I had a blast. I plan on going to more next season. Thanks Anna!

16. Buy Fresh Flowers 1/5

There's really no explaining, and these were for no reason, but to make my insides happy.

32. Try 5 new recipes 2/5

Made this Honey Crunch Pecan Pie (not all from scratch-the crust was store bought) and brought it to a Friendsgiving party. I think people liked it. It smelled delicious, and was able to give the recipe out to someone. Here it is if you'd like it.

40. Kiss a Stranger November 2013

Sorry, Mom. I kissed a complete stranger. I won't lie and say that a little liquid courage didn't help.  I walked over there, asked him to kiss me. When he did, I told him that wasn't very good. And then he kissed me again (and it was better). That is totally out of character for me but I'm proud to get out of my comfort zone and just do it!

44. (an unmentionable item) 1/3 November 2013

That's all you'll ever know.

61. Get a raise November 2013

YAY! I asked for what I wanted and was able to get a raise in addition to what they were going to give me. I stood up for what I thought I was worth and was able to get that raise I've been needing and wanting.

70. Try Eggs Benedict November 2013

It's was my oldest friend Anna's birthday, so I took her out for brunch one day to celebrate. Anna loooves the eggs benedict. So when I told her I had never had them, she said we had to go to Eggs in the City and try them.
Um, why have I been missing out on those for so long? Heaven.

39. Try an Ethic food that I've never had before December 2013

I had the pleasure of trying Ethiopian food. I was excited to try something new and open my pallet to things other great food. It was great, and definitely an experience. You eat with your hands. But the cute boy company didn't hurt.

44. (an unmentionable item) 2/3

69. get my first Christmas tree (and don't let that die too) December 2013

Well, I was able to keep it alive for the appropriate time. Some time after Christmas, the tree found it's untimely death. Meaning, I just threw it away 3 days ago.

77. visit niece Addison for her 1st birthday December 2013

I'm so glad I got to be a part of my niece's 1st birthday. Isn't she the cutest thing? I'm completely obsessed with her.

85. play beer pong for the first time December 2013

It's embarrassing and shocking that I was once a teenager, a college student, and now am a post-college, 26 year old that has NEVER played beer pong. Who am I? Well, I finally played, and lost miserably...we don't need to explain more than that.

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  1. Ooo I love it! I'll join you on a few of those! For example... Eggs Benedict is my favorite! Sounds like we need to go to brunch again :)