Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slipping Siera

Since this blog is to demonstrate embarrassing and awkward moments, this time instead of mentioning my own I decided to mention THIS girl, my dear friend Siera's embarrassing moment because I am quite embarrassed for her. So we both attend the Art Institute of Awesomeness for Advertising, and the stairs in our main building are very intimidating. They are dark black steps of sharp death. Seriously, they are hard, black and shiny, just waiting for a disaster to happen. I pray everytime I go up or down them in hopes to not fall to my death. So far so good, but in Siera's case, yesterday was her great downfall....on the dark black steps of death. On her way to the almost completed task of making it down the stairs safely, the last step was the climax of this story. She did not succeed getting down safely. Instead in her words "There happened to be a trap door that fell beneath her" and down went Siera, with a great audience staring at her. Unfortunately, her fall did result in a swollen ankle and pimp limp for the rest of the day. But at least we can all laugh about it now.....good job Siera, you are now part of my embarrassing blog stories....you've made it guuurrl! OH and I know this doesn't look like her and the stairs would be a much greater, but you can only imagine.


  1. I was always so afraid i would fall down the high school stairs... especially because there was always 1 million people on them.. but then i realized that we embarassed ourselves on our own enough.(extreme ping pong to the max) that falling down the stairs would be the least of our worries:)

  2. ha ha oh my gosh, freakin extreme ping pong to the max....seriously why weren't the coolest people in high school for reals? oh lets not forget driving around with paper bags over our heads, that one was a good one. idiots! ha

  3. Thanks for friending me on Facebook! I was excited when I saw you had a blog cause I'm a lot better blogger than a facebooker. Your embarrassing stories are hilarious!! I love that you work at Disneyland, and that's cool you're going to school for Advertising. That's what my husband Klane did, now he works at an ad agency in NYC. Not as cool/fun as Disneyland (I mean, it IS the happiest place on earth, right?), but close. :) Very close.