Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have a confession.

So I have a confession to make to the world, and it's quite embarrassing on my part. I know I do it, but I never realized I did it until lately. I don't do it often, but I can't believe I caught myself doing it. I currently work at a restaurant as a server and a busser. Lately I have been bussing a lot more, and I find bussing quite a boring job. I constantly find needs to entertain myself whether it's with coworkers or just by myself. And it wasn't until recently I started noticing that I find something else quite amusing.
When I am bussing a booth that runs along the wall of the restaurant, the process of cleaning the tables off are extreme. Since we are not allowed sit in the booth to wipe down the back of the table we are supposed to reach over and clean the back of the booth table. This is where my entertainment comes.
Do you want to know? If you can keep a secret.

While wiping these tables down I find it funny, since my behind is already in sight (refer to picture above) I sometimes decide to perk up my little toosh to give it a little extra flare. I do not know why I do this, but I find it extremely funny to do it when there is a table sitting right behind me. I always out the corner of my eye check and see if anyone notices. Whether they notice or not I find this the most hilarious thing ever. I don't tell anyone at work that I do this, so according to them I have the best table wiping technique ever!
I have recently discovered that this probably isn't the best technique because I have been drawing some more unwanted attention from my coworkers including weird looks. I think I should tone it down a bit, but it is quite funny to find out if people look at all. Ha ha. So if you ever enter this restaurant and happen to see a girl wiping down a table with her behind proudly hanging high in the was me.


  1. Haha. Ghetto Booty! Remember at Abercrombie when those pants fit you better than they fit me?

  2. My stupid butt just gets me in trouble all the time!