Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Since I haven't updated in awhile I thought I would reflect on a moment that occurred a few months ago. It was a chilly winter evening, and on my way home from the Art Institute of Awesomeness and I was in need to stop by the nearest CVS pharmacy. Without releazing that I had put my cellphone in my lap, I exited the car, and before I knew it my cellphone just dove right into the storm drain right below me. Awesome. Right? What do I do?
So I naturally start getting on the ground of the parking lot, in my cute little skirt, trying to see my phone. Don't worry it was extremely dark outside at this time. Frantically looking for someone to help, I thought my phone was a goner. Then, a lovely good Samaritan finally gave me a hand. As she called my cellphone, I notice how the storm drain below just lit up! Phone found, but now how do I get it out?
I make my way into the store and ask the manager for a broom, one of those gripper things, anything. He then gives me a brand new gripper thing, and I successfully retrieved my phone with the help of my Samaritan. When I finally got my phone, don't worry heavy sanitation was then put into action. But hey I didn't have to get a new phone, and it still works great.
Seriously, why does stuff like this always happen to me? It's like I just call it on to myself. Good times.

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