Monday, November 22, 2010

I like to sing.

Well I have recently discovered that I like to sing. But the thing is I don't sing very well, and I am very aware of this. I have noticed lately that I tend to sing, well everything. I sing my little tasks as I go my merry way. For example at work, if several guest ask for several specific things, then so I don't forget I tend to sing my list on my way to the kitchen. It actually comes in handy on busy days.
I had a more recent account of this. In my animation class we use a program called Flash. It helps create simple animations and websites. Well an action you can make is called a "motion tween." What does the word "tween" rhyme with? "Queen." And I looooove the band Queen. So this "tween" word automatically triggered "killer queen" in my mind. Instead of singing in my head, my word vomit took over and I spit the words to the song out loud but replacing "killer queen," with "motion tween." 

Then my instructor shouted to the whole class that maybe I should announce every exercise we do from now on.    OOps.

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