Sunday, November 21, 2010

This happens in real life.

Don't worry I am not the only person that participates in making a complete fool of me. Apparently it is quite easy for me to be put in the most uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. But me being outgoing, and pretty much fearless leads to this extremely weird situations. I like challenges, or dares, if someone asks me to do something that would embarrass the average bear, I usually am the first one to jump at the opportunity. Like I said no fear. Let's give a short example shall we....and yes this happens in real life.

Me and the friends were out, and this guy with a ponytail starts talking to us. After some time, he points out one of his friends hanging out outside the place.

Ponytail: He was just on 'LA Ink' last night, and we've been giving him a hard time about it all night. So he's a little embarrassed if people mention it.
Me: Yes?

Ponytail: Well you'd make my day if you could run up to him and act like you saw him on the show. Like a total fan. It'd really embarrass him and I'd get a good laugh.

Me: On it (start walking towards the door to go meet the Ink man)

(So excited as if I was a teenage girl and I saw Justin Bieber.)

Hoodie Man: (Looking confused.)

Me: (WTF? I know it was you Hoodie man. You either have a tattoo or not! Your friend told me you were, Jerk.)

Pigtails Man (to the left of Hoodie man): Uh I was on LA ink.

Me: (red face........ great.) 

(What an idiot you are Lauren.)

Ha ha. (awkward laugh at myself.)

Yup, complete strangers, and made a fool out of myself. You think I would I would learn after so many failures that I shouldn't set myself up like that. What an idiot! So yes, this does happen in real life.

Maybe I should write a book? What do you think?


  1. Hahahahaha!!! yes you should definitely think about writing a book. Your stories are hilarious! Thanks for the little giggle this evening.

  2. haha!! Lauren! You make my days better