Thursday, January 19, 2012

About time.

Mr. Man of Mine and myself, we have a slight addiction to sweets. Cupcakes and cookies most of the time, but candy is a crowd pleaser as well.
As usual I destroyed my cupcake, and don't let Mr. Man fool you, he truly believes that 'Nothing Says Love Like Cupcakes' even though his face would say otherwise.


-Trying on a jacket at Sports Authority and the woman helping you says that the jacket you're trying on looks great because it's made for high school students.

Me: I know I have a child-sized body. I'm 24.

(awkward silence)

Woman: OH no no no, that's not what I meant. I just meant you are petite.

(yeah sure. nice, save.)

-Buying a baby gift for a shower I was attending and a couple comes up to you and asks you what you were buying you're "little guy."

I'm glad I've never had a baby and yet someone believes that I could possibly be  going into my third trimester.


-When your relationship gets to the point where you don't care what you look like in public and have no shame.

Mr. Man: What are you wearing to the movies? Cause if you're wearing normal clothes then I'll change.

Me: No, of course I'm wearing sweats and don't feel like changing.

Lazy sticks together.


  1. What sort of establishment sells jackets made of high school students, thats terrible

  2. It's true love when you can have a conversation about having to get ready or not. You guys are cute. I have missed your blog!