Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's make it through Hump Day...

Insert most awkward logo known to mankind.


+Hair only looks good when you're not trying, and when you try it lacks luster. No hairspray will fix that attitude.

+Falling up stairs in public arenas. Common occurrence.

+I feel and touch everything. Really, DO NOT take me to Bed, Bath, and Beyond or the home section at Macy's.

+Two people making out at the gym before their jog. I feel uncomfortable about public displays of affection in odd places such as this. Like the library or snow cone shacks. The gym is a new one though.

+Friend: Who's that boy that sings all those songs? (I knew who she was asking about)
Me: Justin Bieber. (smart-ass answer that is NOT the person she was referring to, but I said it anyways)
Friend: Ha ha, no the dwarf kid from Chelsea Lately?
Me: (holding back the urge to say Justin Bieber again)

It was funnier at the time.

+Women concerned about the fact that I ordered only a half sandwich (which came with chips and their sandwiches are bigger than the size of a Home Pride sandwich I would have made myself)

Woman 1: You only want a HALF sandwich? Nothing else?

Woman 1 again: So you just got the half sandwich? You didn't want anything else?

Woman 2: Was that HALF sandwich enough for you?


+How I Met Your Mother. Whatever you do, DO NOT LAUGH AT THIS.

+Specific smells that signify memories. They always show up at the right moment.

+Getting a much needed manicure and pedicure. I miss it so much.

+Running is cheaper than therapy.

+Schmidt from New Girl, "Old people are like the human versions of pleated pants."

You are so wise Sir Schmidt.

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  1. They are like walking raisins - Schmidt hahahahha