Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dirty Dancing.

See this image.
Seen it before?

Although this references running, which is probably quite accurate to what I do look like when I do run. It's actually quite accurate in reference me taking a Dirty Dancing class at the gym tonight. And for some reason I felt like writing about it.

It was my first class, and I'm not going to lie I walked in there totally embarrassed and full of shame that I was entering that class willingly.

But let's be honest there's really not much to "dirty dancing." It primarily made up of intense hair flipping (whip-lash), booty shaking (beyonce wannabe-ing), and body rolls.

BUT! I gave it a go and I've come to a conclusion. 
My body is getting old.

So I may have felt like the girl in the top picture, but I'm pretty sure through those gym windows the only show people were getting was one of me flapping my arms like I was doing the back stroke out of water.

Now excuse me as I go ice my knees and mend my dignity.


  1. Nobody puts LJ in a corner...unless there's icy hot and ice there.

  2. Hahahahaha! My friend just went to a pole dancing class and said it was actually really fun (although she felt super awkward going in and was super sore for three days afterward). But hers didn't have windows! Kudos to you! Thats awesome!

  3. Ha ha, I love the fact that you went to one. You are actually a really good dancer and I'm sure you looked super Beyonce-esque. But I hear ya on your body getting old.... wait til you have a beh beh.