Monday, October 22, 2012


I have not been in the blogging mood.
The way I've felt repulsed by the idea of sitting down and writing about my boring life.
Frankly, nothing amazing has happened.
Just the everyday stuff and things.
Also, I've been so busy that the last thing I want to do is come up with something witty and interesting for you to read.
I guess I shouldn't just make myself feel like I have to be witty or interesting, but I guess I just feel that way with my blog. Which is terrible, but I can't help but feel that way.

I'm not married, nor do I have a child, gleaming with silly attributes of married or family life.
I'm not engaged to be married, dreaming up and sharing my wedding ideas stolen from Pinterest (which someday I'll probably end up doing)
I'm not a single lady, putting my hands up and giving you intimate details on the awkwardness that comes with dating.
I'm just me. Lauren/Lo, with a boyfriend, with a normal job, living at my parents, doing normal things like hiking, eating my weight in chocolate chip cookies, and embarrassing my boyfriend. So sometimes it's going to get kind of boring.

So sorry, but kind of not sorry. 


  1. you are one of the least boring people I have ever met. You live a fabulous and hilarious life every day- but sometimes you don't have to put it in writing. You rock LJ.

  2. I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way about blogging lately. Seriously, normal life is too boring to blog about. I'm kind of over blogging for this reason.

  3. Except I am always entertained by your posts! Even the ones about everyday life!

  4. I feel the same way! That's why I only blog once a month or so ;) I feel like my puppy is the only interesting part of my life and I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about it! Hehe btw are you coming to her bday party?! We could both possibly blog about that! Haha

  5. Wha???? Did you say you've been hiking??? Who is this new Lauren? Oh and you are so NOT boring.