Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello, Friends.

This post is a clear example of the phrase, "Just Say No."
This post will show several instantances where the classic Junior High D.A.R.E. program phrase could/should have been accurately depicted.

A few Saturdays ago my friend Erica (you should head over and check out her cute blog over here.) decided it was a good night to go out.
One of those, forget about the exes, and bring out your single lady kind of nights.

Our mutual work friend asked us to meet up with him and his friends at this one bar downtown.

At this point, we should have said "no," but didn't know it, it would have spare us this entire post.

Now for the list of things that prove we did not make good life choices that night:

-waiting outside "club/bar/hookah bar" Inferno
-noticing go-go dancers in duct tape underwear, pom pom bras, and green furry boots
-the go-go dancers bad life choice that night was the duct tape underwear, hate to think about trying to take those suckers off at the end of the night
-when the bouncer came out, 7 feet tall, wearing an all white suit, and gold chains
-walking in and noticing girls in Caution tape and bubble wrap
-the age ranged only newly 21 year old girls and 35-40 men
-there was a dance floor, where nothing good was happening
-a girl where was wearing nude color pasties on her...uh...lady friends, and nothing else

We should have said "No" to all of thee above, if we had known.

Do not move forward, and do NOT pass go.

We booked it right out of there. Never to return.

Clearly not our most shining moment.

And then there was the craving for Taco Bell. And that was probably the only good YES decision made the entire night.

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  1. HAHAHA oh my God!!! You described it perfectly. Thank God we redeemed ourselves with the Taco Bell.