Monday, August 5, 2013


I never thought in my life I would be thankful for my mother's obsession with the actor Kevin Bacon. I always wondered how this would affect me in my adult years. Is this much Kevin Bacon facts useful? Did I really need to see the movie Tremors?

On Saturday night I finally benefited from the over exposure I had to the movie Footloose, as a child.

Thank you, Kevin Bacon.

Because of you and your rebel dance moves as the character Ren, I properly knew how to prepare myself for a real cowboy bar. On the dance floor, would I come across more of an Ariel or a Willard?
So many questions.

Well me and my lady friends made it a goal to help Erica knock "riding a mechanical bull" off her 101 thing in 1001 days list. Didn't need to tell this group twice, we put on our sassy shorts and cowboy boots on as quick as you can say, "yee haw". (lame joke?)

Oh, The Westerner.

 I pretty much expected the cowboys there would be more of the tall, handsome, farm fed type men. Well, clearly, those type of cowboys don't go to this bar. Although, there was a hard wood dance floor, line dancing, belt buckles, mechanical bulls, and a live country band. Enough really to get your American on.

So here I leave you with some quotes, pictures, and videos that you can all decode for yourselves.

"I look like Taylor Swift."

"I just saw that woman's vagina."

"Country line dancing is the only form of dancing that white people can do well."


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