Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Fall-oween

Seriously Life. What are you doing? Awhile ago I had said that my life could just be told from a series of one embarrassing moment to the next, and for a while I felt like that theory wasn't as accurate. I haven't had many embarrassing stories in a long time. Well Life just laughed in my face, and proved me wrong. I hate you Life, why do you have to come up in the most awkward and inconvenient times? Let's just go through what has just happened recently in the last 72 hours.

Thursday, just being a friendly colleague through the halls at school, I make my way into a room filled with all my friends. I stop in for a Hello, and a quick chat, mind you not realizing that the door right behind me has been placed open. Bidding my friends a good night, I turn quickly towards the door, and meet my face to the cold, black, surface. Hello door, nice to meet you. Silence, not from worry, but silence from that laughter where you laugh so hard it is impossible to make any noise possible. Thank you Life.

Friday. Yes! I was invited to take part in some lovely Halloween Festivities. I mean the day was starting out great. I called in sick to work, got some errands and homework done. Came home, got ready with my dear friend Kat, did some hair, and got my costume on. Ready for some fun work party. Reach the party, ya know, mingle a little when my friend meeting us there calls me to meet her outside. On my own I make my way down the stairs, in my super cute heeled black boots. Uh oh. My heel gets caught in the carpet, momentum down, (me thinking, please catch myself, please catch myself) nope didn't catch myself. Man down! Man Down! Man all the way down! While on my way to meet my friend, my body met the bottom of the stairs. I look up to see if anyone saw? Yup, I should have figured. Laughing followed with, "Are you okays?" Yup, Lauren good job. I guess I was wrong about the dry spell. Lauren Christine is still on a roll....literally.

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