Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to School time.

Well here I go. Another start, to another quarter at the Art Institute of Awesomeness and Advertising. This is my last year. This time next year I will be a college graduate (finally) and will be off starting my new life as a career-driven adult. I am a little hesitant starting this quarter because, well school causes me a lot of stress. 5 classes, and mounds and mounds of projects just make having a life or feeling happy quite a challenge on some days. I am just hoping that this quarter turns out great and I get some great work to add to my portfolio. I had my first class this morning, and frankly I'm just ready to bust out this quarter. And also, I can't quite tell if my instructor likes boys or girls? I'm thinking the males. It should be an quarter, I say that now but I've only had one class. So we will see.
I also decided that this last year of school will have a theme. "Last Year, Last Chance." Meaning it's my last year, and my last chance to have some fun like I'm supposed to! I'm a college student dang it! No rules for me this year! Wish me luck people, and that the year goes by faster.

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