Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Wednesday Slash Thursday

Me and My little Fortune Cookie, Caroline.
I love her, as you can tell.
And she's been my little partner in crime at the Art Institute of Awesomeness and since orientation where she demanded us to be friends because she thought that everyone else was weird.
Little did she know...

And today we participated in our graduation portfolio show.
More awkward pictures with everyone are soon to come.

 +When you're trying to pass someone on the sidewalk, and then the awkward moment when you're walking next to each other and kind of close. And all you want to do is hopefully walk a little faster so you can finally pass them.
+On my online resumes I put as one of my responsibilities at Disneyland is "managing and maintaining the magic." 
Oh, aren't I so clever?
+Apparently I have a generic looking face because I remind someone of someone they know almost everyday.
+While taking the trash out at work, and the trash can fell, and I fell on top of it. And then everyone saw, so I laughed really hard, and so did everyone else and even more when I couldn't lift the trash up. And then people watched me more, until these construction workers drove past and assisted me.
+This guy in the car in front of me. Couldn't tell if he was rapping vigorously in his car or just yelling in sign language.
+Trying to brush your teeth with a stuffy nose. It's almost impossible not to look like a rabid dog and getting toothpaste everywhere, especially the mirror.

+Having 3 people in one day tell me I'm pretty. Sounds like a dumb achievement, but I seriously don't hear it that often. So it put a little pep in my step.
+Great guest compliments, most of the time I'm thinking how retarded they are, but then randomly the ones that aren't show up.
And make you feel like a success in life, besides the fact that I still work at Disneyland.
+Getting free Chelsea Lately tickets, getting VIP access, sitting in the front row, and getting her autograph. It was pure comedy bliss. I can die now, and mark something off my California Bucket List.
+Graduating from College. But for reals this time.

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