Saturday, April 9, 2011

California Bucket List.

get it guuurl.

Well, I am pretty sure I'm moving back to Utah after I graduate in September.
For multiple reasons.
-fresh air (pollution is killing me)
-miss outdoors
-Mr. Man (long distance is EXTREMELY difficult on many levels)
-family (it would be nice to feel like I was part of one every once and awhile)

I've done a lot of soul searching and thinking and I believe that's the best for me.

So in this conclusion that gives me about 6 months before I leave this sunny place. 
You know what that calls for?
A bucket list.
And this is very own California Bucket List. 
(after 6 years and I still have not done any of these things except baseball games)

+Camp on the cliffs of San Onofre
+Getty Museum
+See a taping of Chelsea Lately
+Attempt to surf
+ Watch the Huntington Beach surf contest
+Attend some Angel's baseball game
+Eat at Harbor House
+Ride bike on the beach
+Play beach Volleyball

....and I'll probably add to it.


  1. Yay! I am so excited! You're outfit wishlist is super cute. I think you need go shopping with me. :) I could use some new style in my life. Lately I am just boring! ha.

  2. Hi! My sister and I are finishing up school in Utah, going home to Oregon for the summer, and then probably moving out to California. Well, my sister definitely is moving to California because she is doing the Disneyland program. I totally feel what you're saying about wanting to be closer to family. Any tips about the Disney program for my sister?

  3. What a fun list! I have done a few on there. I would definitely recommend the Getty! It is AMAZING. Seriously, I can't wait to go back. Also, surfing is fun, but hard. I also love San Onofre! I'm jealous of this list. I'm glad you're coming back to us though!!

  4. lets go to venice with our bikes! i have a bike rack and everything!