Monday, September 17, 2012


Every time I hear someone say "YOLO" I always hear it as, "Yo, Lo!"
Confuse me much.
Maybe I should just always take it as a shout out!
Holla at cha girl!


  1. That was like in 8th grade math class and we were learning about "ratios." I swear when someone says ratio fast, I hear Rachel. It's face it, Yo, lo is more realistic. Love it!

  2. Kind of the opposite... Every time we say "Hi May!" It makes us think of "Jaime" in Spanish... Like we're re-naming our daughter Jamie or something!

    Same when anyone says "k, so..." I think of the Spanish "Queso" (cheese!)

    Yo, Lo! I like that better than YOLO anyway. ;-)