Sunday, September 30, 2012


Not only are the leaves changing for the season, but this seems to be the season where other things in life are changing with it as well.

I've had a lot changes over the years, and even the past year has brought change. This time, there are big changes, and I shouldn't complain because they are all for the better. But this is the first time where I'm actually scared/nervous.

One, I got a new job.
And I'm a bucket of nerves. I haven't started and won't have my first day until Friday of this week.

This job is a job that can truly have a major impact on the rest of my career. All in a positive way. And I'm so nervous because I don't want to ruin that chance.  I was able to get a job at an ad agency called The Summit Group in Salt Lake City. They work with all types of media such as print, billboards, online, mail, and television.

It's new and definitely different than what I'm doing now. 
All I can say is I hope they can handle my weirdness. Please, God, I hope they find it charming.

Second, my parents bought a house and are moving. Well they bought some land and are building a new house. This was something I was not expecting for a long way down in the future. But yesterday my parents walked in from all day at the Daybreak community and said they bought a house.

How does effect me? Well, I currently live with them. Yeah I know, 25 years old, living with my parents. Not ideal, believe me; I know. I am already stressing about when and where I am going to move. And somewhere within my student "sold my soul to the devil" debt budget. My parents are great and said that I am more than welcome to move with them. But again I'm 25 and want my own space. And I also don't want to move twice, one move with them and eventually when I plan on moving out from there. I'm thinking this is my chance to move out. My time.

So if anyone knows of a great place to live in the Provo to Lehi area, please let me know. Also, if anyone knows a cheap basement apartment anyone is renting out, I am looking! 

Everyone wish me luck!


  1. Wow so many changes! Change is good though. Congrats on the new job! You will be awesome and t sounds right up your alley! We just finished our basement I wish I'd known you were looking for a place dang it! I'm really excited for you though:)

  2. Our families won't be neighbors anymore?!? Ok. Full disclosure. I totally just started tearing up! Good grief! Please tell me this doesn't mean that I'll never see your faces again!

    On a totally different note, change is good! Congratulations on the new job! I hope you'll like this one more than the last! Also, if you really want, you can move into my place and take my spot... hahaha. I won't be needing it in a couple months!

    I love you Lauren!

  3. wow! lots of changes, the only constant in life, is change! good luck with everything going on. you become what you think don't sell yourself short! effort and hard work almost always pay noticeable dividends...
    I am your newest follower, pls follow back if you can.