Monday, October 14, 2013

I've never been more proud...

...of myself.

Who am I? Who is this girl? I have NEVER been this girl.

I'm the girl with the "great personality."
The above statement is true. 3 lucky men had the honor of taking me out this week. And I'm not going to say that it wasn't fun. It totally was. And I totally got either good food or drinks out of it. Do I feel bad saying that's all I got?
With my low tolerance for bullshit taking and little boy drama these days, I think I deserve to be spoiled a bit.

Two of them I wouldn't mind going out with again.
We'll see if anything happens or if the real men show up.

One thing is for sure, I got my Sassy Pants on. And I think I'll keep them on for awhile.

I'm thinking I should make a vlog of all the dating experiences and conversations I've had, for all you married folk out there.  Remember the dating days? (sigh)

Well, I'm highly considering it.


  1. Stealin' hearts and takin' names!!!
    xox - your biggest fan

  2. You should totally make a vlog! In fact, if you created a YouTube channel I bet you would get a lot of followers. With your funny stories and sassy personality and fabulous hair. :) DO IT.