Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tales of the Mysterious iPhone pictures Vol. 1

Once upon a time, in a far away land deemed my iPhone photo library. 
There lies a hidden place; placed behind the smiles, in between moments of laughter, and next door to potential Instagram attempts. This place is where the unexpected lives.

What is this place exactly?

It's only the hidden tales of the mysterious/random photographs on my iPhone.

If you look deeper, you will always find an interesting tale, waiting to be told.

So behold! My tales of my mysterious iPhone pictures.

 1. "i miss yous"
2. That boy DEFINITELY has kooties
3. New York with Ron-Dawg
4. Gourmet camping breakfast
5. They do exist. The Beer Unicorn
6. Gay guys on Tinder seeking women
7. Awesome people I get to work with every day
8. At least she left the window down
9. Rubber desk paper weight
10. Adventures in Doggie sitting
11. hanger met her face two seconds later. meltdown central.
12. Halloween costume ideas

and this horribly pixelated Snap Chat.

Until next time...

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