Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't talk to strangers!!!

Well apparently to a stranger I look capable of abducting a small child. Would I ever? No, of course not, but this woman at the mall was sure upset and giving me the stink eye when her daughter was caught talking to me. I was minding my business at the mall looking at some accessories, when I notice two feet below me the cutest little girl admiring a sparkly necklace next to me. She glanced up at me, and gave me this adorable little girl smile, and nicely I smiled back. Then the young one spoke, "I think you should get this one." "Oh really?" I replied. She then continued, "And plus I really like your boots." "Why thank you very much." Then, after briefly discussing necklace choices and my boots, we were rudely interrupted by her mother who was too distracted at the counter with her own mess to even notice where her daughter had been for the last 5 minutes, "Hey! (insert little girl's name, I forgot it) (also mother giving me the stink eye at this very moment) Get over here, this isn't Roosevelt, you could get kidnapped here!!!" (Continues to stink eye me) Then I kindly try to save her daughter from being punished I told the mother that we were just talking about necklaces and which one she should choose. (Another stink eye look.) "Get over here, (name), RIGHT NOW!!!"
Yes, woman, us classy ladies were just talking casually about accessories while you rudely interrupted this adorable little girl and practically accused me of kidnapping your child! Sorry your daughter is cute and outgoing alright, all features that I'm sure will only bring you unwanted "trouble" for the rest of your life. Get over yourself lady, this isn't Roosevelt ya know! Jeez!


  1. Ha ha, wow. Some people... You dont look incriminating to me! What a funny story:D I love your blog!

  2. Well thanks rach! I'm trying to get into this blog business, I am not very good at keeping it up to date.