Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OOOOO IKEA, How I love you!

NO, HOORAY FOR THE IKEA CATALOG! Well it came...yes the IKEA catalog. I am such a nerd and I go crazy over this catalog. I guess I don't really pay attention to what they are selling or the prices, I just love the arrangements they make for the pictures. I just want to rip every page out and save them to know that one day I will decorate and have lovely things like that. Grant, IKEA isn't known to have like super super nice furniture, but I still can't help myself on my college student budget. Sadly, as of now I really can't decorate the place I'm staying at. I think what the IKEA catalog does for me is make me happy for the things I look forward to after college. Such as, getting my own place and having full freedom to decorate and make it my home. My creativeness is having to be stuffed inside myself as of right now, but it sure is trying to come out. Not quite yet though. Can't I just live in the IKEA catalog where life is filled with beautiful colors and patterns, and where the people love where they live? I guess I will just have to resort to the plain white jail cell walls that I currently have in my solitary room of freedom. I'm dreamin' big you guys!

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