Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crossing my mind.

I love my parents because they got me a beach cruiser bike for a Christmas gift, and I've been wanting one for the last 5 years that I've lived in California.  And it arrived yesterday. (Pictures soon.)

I have an incurable sweet tooth. Not a day has gone by where I haven't thought or had a day dream about consuming some delicious pastry, cookie, pie, or cake.

Do slow people on the freeway know that there's a "lane" made just for them, but somehow they still refuse to use it.

I sing extremely loud in the car when I'm by myself. Serenaded myself home tonight, in fact.

I'm considering running a half marathon in February, let the training begin.

Some guy told me that there was something "unique looking" about me and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?

I had a dream that Disneyland gave me the days off that I asked for and even in my dream I was surprised. And if it comes true, I will highly consider offering my psychic talents over the phone soon.

I don't let Disneyland dictate my holidays anymore, so calling in sick for Thanksgiving was my way of showing the mouse who's really the boss and what's to come for Christmas!

My hair needs to grow faster.

My friend Will from school is hilarious as says the best comments like, "All the young girls won't leave me alone and I'm like 'Gosh no I haven't freakin' seen Twilight. Okay?'" and "Yeah I tell people I'm 50 so they compliment me on how good I look for my age."

I want to ride my bike.

Finals have made me crazy.

I decided to screw Taylor Swift, and this is MY DECEMBER. (sorry Taylor, I still like your music.)

I saw my teacher in the hallway talking to some kids, said Hi and passed, after wards she turns to them and says, "And she's also talented!" (uh?)

AND Siera took this cute picture of me.


  1. Ren, you kill me! You are too funny. I was seriously laughing this whole post. Was I supposed to be? I love this blog dang it.

  2. didnt think about her bf :(