Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eyebrow Fiasco of 2010

Today hated me. I decided this now. Today just went all wrong.

You know when you think of something so horrible that you hope to never know or come across what that feels like. Well, it happened to me today.

It was supposed to be a pleasant experience. I haven't had the chance to pamper myself and I wanted to treat myself before I went home for the holidays and rewarding myself after finals with a mani-pedi and to fix my ungroomed eyebrows. And I have been to this place before. I've had the same lady every time do my eyebrows every time I go in there because I know what a good job she does. But girl was super busy. 
(This is when I should have told myself to wait for her)

So another lady was the one who got to perform the eyebrow grooming. I think I told myself that ya know, most of the time the girls are good at it, I mean they probably do them all the time. That's what they do. (This is when I should have double checked my doubt and still waited for my girl)

The first couple strips seemed okay. And then there was THAT face she made after THAT strip.
You know that face that people make.....the OOPS face.
This chick....was not so good at hiding THAT face.

After all was said and done she hands me the hand mirror to check out her awesome job. 
And there it was, right above my left eye. Half of my whole eyebrow was missing. Not in like an on purpose way like some gang members do, but more of like a nightmare comes true sort of way.

It was gone. Let's just say the whack job tried cover up her mistake thinking I wouldn't notice her attempt to use an eye pencil to fill in the blanks.

If only at that moment she could fill in the blanks that were going through my head.

Oh my gosh. NO NO  NO NO NO NO (don't cry, don't freak out. don't cry. don't freak out)

Devastated Me: Is that eyebrow pencil?

Wax Happy: Yea yea, just filled it in.

(Wiped off pencil completely to reveal the damage, holding back whether I should cry or go loco on this girl.)

Devasted Me: Is there hair even there?

Wax Happy: Yea yea, just short. Just short.

Devastated Me: I don't have hair there. Half my eyebrow is gone.

Wax Happy: So sorry, it'll grow back.

You know what won't grow back lady? My dignity. Spent the whole night people at work calling me "Chola," or saying comments like, "Hey Lauren, have you ever thought about taking up Latin dancing?" due to my nicely "filled" in half of an eyebrow.

And that's why today hated me. Well Today, I hated you too.

* It's actually kind of funny now, even when I still only have half an eyebrow left. But thank goodness that eyebrows grow back fast. So I'll have to become a master of the eyebrow pencil for about a week.

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  1. Hahah... im sorry. I was really hoping that there would be a picture at the end of this post