Thursday, December 30, 2010

Many Thanks

Well this year is over. 
Is it just me or has this year gone by so ridiculously fast? Well it has in my book. A lot of ups and downs, but I'd have to say that the holiday season was definitely a good one. Although it was fantastic I will say that it is getting harder and harder to leave Utah and go back to California. 
As the end of the year comes I look back and I would just like to go over the things I'm thankful for.

(1) My parents
Thank you for being the most supportive parents known to man, whatever I choose to do at any point in my life so far you have done nothing but said go for it.

(2) The mister man of mine
Thank you for being so patient with me and my undecisiveness all the time and with everything else that goes in to keep us going. And you always know how to make me a happy lady.
(ps. you're my favorite.)

 (3) Mother nature
Thank you for bring me my one true Christmas wish for the season by my first night in town bringing me 2 feet of snow!

(4) Sheila May
Thank you for letting me dress you up in everything and you still love me anyways. And thank you also for being my cuddle buddy in the basement at night. Who needs a pillow pet right?!?!

(5) New bike
Thank you for arriving on my doorstep for Christmas, Finally! But I'm sorry we've only had the time to take one spin around the block because the curse of rain has taken over California.
(6) Little fatties
Thank you for cracking me up and eating all the cookies before I finish baking the rest of them. And for eating my leftovers.

 (7) Eyebrow waxing lady
Thank you for waxing off my eyebrow, that a week later has still yet to show any sign of growing back. It's been a blast.
(My finger is where my eyebrow is supposed to end.)


  1. K, what a cute post:) And also, you are too pretty and you and Ben are too cute. Ya better just move back... :D

  2. Oh it is determined. I am moving back after I graduate in September. It's going to be crazy.