Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nothing says awkward like...

Nothing says awkward like sharing a swim lane with an 12 year old chubby, Asian boy. Why mention that he was Asian? Well, he just was.

Let's start with these series of events in this order:

1-Ankle started hurting when I was training for the half marathon
2- After marathon the doctor said-Oh you have tendinitis!
3-I stayed off my foot
4- Started running again when it felt better
5-But then it didn't feel better
6-New doctor said-You don't have tendinitis, your bone is healing from a very slight fracture...maybe.
7-Doctor says- No running. Not even the mall.
8- Me- SAY WHAT?!?!
9- Doctor says I can either ride a bike or Aquajog
10-What the heck is Aquajogging?
(Running in water with floatation belt-those usually made for the water aerobics class that no one under the age of 50 takes)

So there I am, with what looks like a life jacket around my waist asking the 12 year old chubby Asian boy if I could share his lane. He kindly said yes, out of pure intimidation I'm sure.

As I proceed to jog in place in the corner of the lane, I repeatably catch Asian boy dunking himself under water for long periods of time.
Are you testing out your goggles Asian boy or checking out my butt under water?
I'm guessing that by the beginning state of your puberty, I'm going to say you were getting a magnified look at my retarded, floating butt.

You're welcome.

He left and I finally got the lane to myself. I noticed some guy waiting to use my lane and on my way back I shout "I'm almost done," across the pool.

He's thinking "With what?" As I "jog" slowly in the water towards the edge of the pool and pull myself out of the water of shame.


  1. Sad - I hope your ankle gets feeling better soon!

  2. Ha this is the funniest story! I am sorry about your ankle though.