Tuesday, July 3, 2012

park city

Crab cake sandwich from East Street at the Sky Lodge hotel.

Lunch at Silver Star Cafe, where this little baby walks around and owns the place.

After an hour-long commute to work to Park City every day, it's easy to miss some of the greatest parts of this city. I've been working in Park City for the last 7 months I have really grown to love...their food. Park City is a lovely ski town where food chains are few and far between (they exist, of course). I feel like that small town has so many great places to eat. Lately, with work I've been able to experience so many lovely lunches and dinners in town, and half of them I still haven't experienced. If you're close enough, Park City is a great place to visit not only in the winter but also in the summer.

We should do lunch sometime!

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  1. GROSS to the crab cake - Yum to that doggy face. Too cute!