Sunday, January 20, 2013


I think there is one thing I have learned from my past relationships.
I deserve it all.

I used to always put myself as the problem and that I'm being treated the way I was because I did something wrong. 
Consequences of a "people pleaser" personality unfortunately. 
But to not realize that I was sacrificing my own happiness because I felt like that was how a relationship worked is not healthy.

I deserve it all.

No more Miss Nice Girl. I am worth everything, and deserve to have "it all" in my companionships.

When I look back, I try to think of something I could have done better, or what I needed to fix in these relationships. And to be honest, I'm not perfect, but I feel like looking back I couldn't give any more to my relationships than I did. 

I deserve someone who is willing to give back.
I deserve someone who is willing to work on our relationships.
I deserve someone who knows it's not a one-way street.
I deserve someone who I am their everything.
I deserve to never to have someone make me feel like I'm the one with the problem all the time.
I deserve to feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
I deserve someone who is completely honest.
I deserve to NOT be cheated on emotional or physically.
I deserve someone who thinks I'm worth it all.

That's what I deserve. I deserve it all.

And I'm so over being fooled.

And to those who did cheat. Just know that when you move on, she will ALWAYS be a Poor Man's Lauren. 

Unless you are Jessica Burd, because you were awesome. We tried so hard to not like each other, but that just wasn't possible due to our awesomeness. You were too good for him too.

I am worth it and having it all. I will one day.

I deserve it all.


  1. (I am snapping in a z-formation right now) You.Go.Girl! You are absolutely right on every one of these points. Don't you dare forget it!!

  2. amen sister!! you DO deserve it all! you're one of the greatest gals i know!! XO

  3. I'm glad you finally realized this. Now you'll be open to finding that person,and won't settle for less.