Wednesday, January 30, 2013


What do I buy for my apartment first? 

I would really like for my butt to not hurt because I'm still sitting on the floor in my living room. 
So I would like to buy a couch. 

But then again I kind of still need a vacuum. 
Or do I buy the vacuum? 

Paycheck says I have to choose one.

Which comes first?

Adult decisions/fun decisions 
(couch being the fun decision and vacuum being something that is necessary but I don't really want to use my money to buy, but will have to anyways eventually.)

Man, I am getting old. I just called buying a couch fun.

PS. I had an awkward story for you. But I think I'll save it for next Wednesday. I'll give you a brief, it's called, "This one time I thought this guy was gay."
Stay Tuned.

1 comment:

  1. couches are expensive. buy a pillow to sit on. who needs to vacuum? No one. Spend the rest on fun things, like ice cream.

    a responsible adult.