Thursday, April 4, 2013


At 3 o'clock today I found myself between a severe state of fatigue and after caffeine wears off lull.

So naturally, after a coworker sent me THIS link I found myself in deep states of laughter. Then came the silent laughter, and then the mascara filled tears streaming down my cheeks laughter.
Who doesn't find the early 90s funny?
I know I do.
Where else in time can you take the average portrait and instead choose to go to a "special" studio where they do your hair, make-up, and wrap in you in layers of feather boas and studded jackets.
Only something the 90s offers.

I'm pretty sure everyone has one of these hiding in their homes somewhere. Don't be ashamed. They're in there somewhere. Possibly in the same box as your mom's satin gloves.
I'm looking for a come back.
...and you thought this was about sad crying... fooled you big time.

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  1. THESE WERE SO AMAZING! And yes, my mom had a set of these photos taken at some point in the 90s. Complete with big hair and collar-grabbing.