Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well yesterday sucked.

There. Post ended.

I woke up with no power.
Meaning: got dressed, did my make-up, pulled hair back, and attempted to get dressed in the dark for work.
It was a quite a show.

"I really hope my morning isn't an omen to how the rest of my day is going to go"
-said by Me at about 8:30 AM

Well, later that evening I was leaving the gym and realized my car was missing.
I instantly started crying because obviously someone had stolen my car.

Had a brief moment of clarity hiding behind my crocodile tears, to tell myself to call the tow company listed on the park lot sign before I had the whole Sugar House police force looking for my car.

I got towed.
So the crying continued.

There I was; stranded.
Crying and cussing out the poor girl on the phone about how the heck I'm going to get my car when my car is on (literally) the other side of the city. 
Oh wait, of a COMPLETELY different city.
$300 (in cash mind you) later I got my car back.
I've never been more pissed at myself.
Way to go!

But a cute boy came to this damsel in distress' rescue.
So that kind of made up for it.
My Hero.


  1. That SUCKS. I'm so sorry. I'm glad there was a knight in shinin armor at the end of it all. I would have totally freaked out if I realized my car had disappeared. Plus I am a sweaty mess when I leave the gym so that would have added to the whole ordeal.

    Also, I love your blog!

  2. Ahh! That's horrible! You should've called me! I would have rescued you :)