Sunday, April 28, 2013


Just a bunch of stuff  'n things going on over here.

Since I don't feel like writing a paragraph, follow this lovely photo vomit post.

 new career path.

baseball season and pants are back!

see this. theory proven.

ran a half marathon again. it rained the entire time.
this smile is a lie.

lady forgot her phone. you did great, lady.

20 minutes after i finished. 
PS. best coffee i've had in my life-Eggs in the city...go!

saw the coolest printer ever.

this is my thought process before i decide to do anything irrational.

Pickle Back shots. 
whiskey/bourbon + pickle juice-yes, straight pickle juice

stranger danger. why to never let drunk strangers take your picture.

hashtag #wetdog.
Where's Waldo?

was bullied to take this picture with the bouncer. he was desperate for any attention.

left my mark.

Starbucks hibiscus refresher and i was having a good hair day.

made this for less than $20. i don't know if i like it though.

who am i?

annnnnnnd, you're welcome.

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  1. Way to go on running that half! In the RAIN! You rock. Also, I like that art you did! Seriously before I read the caption I thought you bought it somewhere!