Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brunch or Dutch?

Friends! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

First, I apologize for a large absence.
Remember my last video and how awful my voice sounded? Well, let's just say that that was the best of it. And I was not able to talk for the next 6 days.

BUT I lived! And ready to tell you another story up on Chronicles of Datelandia.

Have you told your friends and family to subscribe to my YouTube channel? In fact, have YOU subscribed to my YouTube channel?!

If you haven't, then I will NOT be thankful for you tomorrow.
If you do, I will forever be grateful. Plus, it's probably a really smart thing, smart people do.
 cause smart people always do smart things
Share how much you love me, and I will share how much I love you. 
I tend to get emotional easily

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