Monday, November 18, 2013


Kira Sabin.
If you are reading this: Hello, I'm secretly, but not so secretly obsessed with you and I think we are personally the same emotional person.  And I think we could bond over how mildly embarrassing we both are to our friends and family.
You get me, girl.

Kira Sabin is my emotional doppelganger.

She's like that wise advice or comment that your parents gave to you that one time and tell you exactly what you needed to hear at that certain point in your life. 
And at first you don't really get it, but then later, after the fact, you totally do and your mind is blown!

Kira Sabin is a life coach or love coach? 
I don't know really, but she's kick ass. 

And after I found one of my friends on Facebook posted this recent article, like I said, MIND BLOWN PEOPLE!
I about peed my pants.

This article was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time in my life.
And I feel like she wrote it about me. Is that weird?

You're probably thinking Lauren, really? You're acting like a teenage girl reacting to a Justin Bieber song.
But if you know me at least a little bit, read this article, and you tell me this isn't me.
I triple dog, dare you!
Oh it's on.

Anyways, she has an awesome website called And if you just browse around just a little, you'll realize why I love her.
Check her out. She's awesome and I wish she read this so we could be best friends, get brunch and mimosas on the weekends, and Instagram it all like normal besties do. Duh.

I don't ask for much.

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