Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November 101 December

I still haven't added to my list, but I'm still crossing them off! 
Here's what I've been up to this last month.

16. Buy Fresh Flowers 1/5

There's really no explaining, and these were for no reason, but to make my insides happy.

32. Try 5 new recipes 2/5

Made this Honey Crunch Pecan Pie (not all from scratch-the crust was store bought) and brought it to a Friendsgiving party. I think people liked it. It smelled delicious, and was able to give the recipe out to someone. Here it is if you'd like it.

40. Kiss a Stranger November 2013

Sorry, Mom. I kissed a complete stranger. I won't lie and say that a little liquid courage didn't help.  I walked over there, asked him to kiss me. When he did, I told him that wasn't very good. And then he kissed me again (and it was better). That is totally out of character for me but I'm proud to get out of my comfort zone and just do it!

44. (an unmentionable item) 1/3 November 2013

That's all you'll ever know.

61. Get a raise November 2013

YAY! I asked for what I wanted and was able to get a raise in addition to what they were going to give me. I stood up for what I thought I was worth and was able to get that raise I've been needing and wanting.

70. Try Eggs Benedict November 2013

It's was my oldest friend Anna's birthday, so I took her out for brunch one day to celebrate. Anna loooves the eggs Benedict. So when I told her I had never had them, she said we had to go to Eggs in the City and try them.
Um, why have I been missing out on those for so long? Heaven.


  1. I would probably be willing to do just about anything to get those potatoes onto my taste buds as quickly as possible. GET IN MA BELLEH

  2. This makes me extremely happy! Let's get eggs benedict together pleaseeee.